Friday, October 15, 2010

Cape Cod…….

So i drove up from New London to Cape Cod, arrived at my hotel in Hyannis around 3pm, logged online, upped my blog and then went to the reception to get some sight seeing brochures.
The drive up was nice, there were a couple of pull in spots where i stopped and took a couple of pictures. The tree’s are all turning up here as well and again there's some amazing colours.
P1130919 (Large)  P1130920 (Large)  P1130921 (Large)
I did spot this on the way up here but as much as id love to go i think I've screamed enough for the year!
P1130918 (Large)
Run down place for sale in Hyannis, yours for $299,000!! it was in effect a large wooden shed!
P1130930 (Large)
I’d had a pretty bad headache most of the day and was hoping it would have gone by the time i reached the hotel but it hadn't. I had intended to go into Hyannis around the harbour and look for a nice seafood place to eat at tonight, However, i just couldn't do it, my head was killing me so i put on my shorts and went for a swim in the pool and just chilled out for a while. I think it was just a combination of the driving, the ferry and tiredness creeping up a little.
I headed out into Hyannis around 6:30, its a shame i didn't go looking for somewhere to eat when it was light as it was dark now and not as easy to find anywhere. Hyannis is a real small sleepy little town and everywhere seems to close up around 7 ish! i guess it is out of season though.  I found a nice little restaurant overlooking the harbour called  The Black Cat restaurant it was VERY nice, i had the nut encrusted salmon with with a fruit risotto i still felt a little under the weather though and didn't enjoy it as much as i would have liked. it]I would have also been nice to have had someone to eat with, as its just not the same sat somewhere nice on my own!
I headed back to the hotel and started to try get up to date with Gossip Girl, i know ,i know but i enjoy it,lol i just woke up now at just gone 3am with my laptop on my chest and cant remember falling as sleep!! i can hear the rain outside which isn't a good sign for today's trip up to Provincetown!


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