Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take the ferry………


Woke around 7:30am, showered and had the free bagel and orange juice supplied by the Best Western. I was driving to Orient Point this morning, i was booked on the ferry that goes over to New London in Connecticut. I was booked on the noon ferry and the drive to it was about 90 minutes. Half way there i realised i was a little early and might even make the 11 o clock one.

I've actually taken this ferry about 5 or 6 years ago and its a real nice drive through Long Island, past the Hamptons and pretty much you drive to the most eastern point of the Long Island.

The drive to the ferry was good with no traffic, all the traffic was going the other way to get into New York,  was heading out away from it.

Always makes me laugh when i get out this way and up in New England as in the rest of the USA there are very few Roundabouts on the roads, in the USA they are called Rotaries and its funny watching people try to use them, most people have no idea! Its always funny when I'm in the UK with any US friends in the car how they comment on how well i handled that rotary! lol They even have Yield (Give Way) markings on the roundabouts!

Leaving Woodbury                               A “roundabout” in Long island          They even have arrows on them!!!

DSCF4060 (Large)     DSCF4061 (Large)  P1130929 (Large)

When you get about 30 miles out of Woodbury the scenery is beautiful its all wineries and fresh farm food produce stores. I passed several fruit stands outside house where they had tables full of dishes of fresh fruit with a box that you leave money in if you take one! imagine that in the UK!

Fresh farm food                              Welcome to Wine country               Fields of vines

DSCF4063 (Large)  DSCF4066 (Large)   DSCF4071 (Large)


I passed a sign for Long Island Sky diving, id love to have stopped to have done it but if i had missed the ferry over to New London that would have thrown my whole days plans out! I saw a few other signs on the drive as well, some made me smile but the “”dead End” one was classic, i drove past it and just had to turn back around and take a picture of it!

Pigs!                                             Kim, dare you say it three times!      Literally a dead end for some!!

DSCF4070 (Large)  P1130880 (Large)  P1130884 (Large)

There were a  few places i pulled in to take a few pictures and kind of wished i had had another day out in Long Island instead of driving up to Cape Cod but I've always wanted to see the “Cape” and I'm sure it’ll be worth the drive and missing a few things in other place.

(I'm actually sat on the ferry as i type this entry, its a one hour twenty minute ride and pretty far from land either side so there's not much to see)

Panorama out on Long Island:

Long Island Panorama 1

Some of the houses out here and very cute, every one is different from the next, all in their own grounds with sunflowers, wineries, orchards and boating marinas all around them. I can only imagine how much even some of these smaller places cost to buy!

P1130881 (Large)  P1130887 (Large)

I arrived at the ferry terminal about 10:30, went to get my ticket in the office and asked if i was able to make the earlier 11am one, no problem at all i was told and i drove into lane four and waited to drive onto the ferry deck.


Orient Point Ferry                My rental car inline              The ticket office                    Onboard the ferry

P1130888 (Large)  P1130890 (Large)  P1130892 (Large)  P1130894 (Large)

There's a couple of dogs on the ferry, Zeus and Jack, two golden retrievers I've been fussing for the last 5 minutes, i miss having an animal so much at home.

P1130904 (Large)

Panorama view from the back of the ferry

ferry panorama

So I've got about 50 minutes till i get to New London and then the 3 hour drive up to Cape Cod, a little further if i decide to go right up to the tip and see Provincetown which everyone says i should see!

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to Jane who has been reading my blog and sent me an e mail to let me know there's some delays on one of the bridges over to Cape Cod, thanks for the info and I've already planned a route around it on my GPS for when i arrive, thanks again, appreciate it. I'm guessing I'll be at the hotel when i upload this as i wont have an internet connection till I'm at my hotel!

Arriving in New London

P1130905 (Large)  P1130906 (Large)  P1130907 (Large)

Click on the album below for more pics:


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  2. Does this mean we've been somewhere in the US that you haven't been? Result!! We went there when we came over to the first Boston shows...

  3. Very nice! I've flown over Cape Cod but never actually been on the ground--nice to see it through your eyes!

  4. In Wisconsin we call them roundabouts.

  5. We don't have them here on the Left Coast and the first time I had to drive one in NJ I nearly had a nervous breakdown! In CA we like to drive in a straight line, thanks ever so.

    Julie :)

  6. you'll actually find both rotaries and roundabouts on the Cape. the only real difference is the size, with roundabouts being smaller and introduced somewhat recently to address "problem" intersections. I think our rules for right-of-way are also a bit different from the UK. either way, we use them to torture the tourists. :-)

    you'll enjoy P'town, it's a pretty spot. it's also where the Pilgrims first landed - unlike the Plymouth Rock legend.

  7. I love this ... gorgeous. Being a left coast person, I agree with Julie, we do like the straight line thing.

    BTW, anyone, we are driving Highway 1 to San Jose ... if you want to do the left coast thing with some group members ... anyone is invited ...

    Thanks again, Si, great pics!!

    ~ Gina ~