Monday, October 04, 2010

The Danes go home….

Maria and i took a taxi to a hotel near the airport where we were staying for one last night before flying to New York tomorrow. Lars, Jens and Thomas headed out in a taxi to get some breakfast.

The hotel was a good 10 minute cab ride north of Boston, managed to check in early and just laid on the bed and did my blog for a couple of hours before speaking to the guys, finding out where they were and taking a cab back down into Boston.

They were al sat in a bar around the corner form the hotel, Jens was sat there with his foot up on a chair, a beer in his hand and couldn't have been happier! We all joked how Thomas and Lars would have some fun at the airport pushing Jens around in a wheelchair. Whilst the swelling had looked to have gone down a touch the bruising was now coming out and it was black and blue both sides of his ankle.

My friend Glenn was coming down from Portland for tonight's show and he called to say he was half an hour away. We met Glenn in 2001 when he came over for Gilmour's shows in London, id driven up to see him 4 or 5 years ago one time when i was in the US but Jens hadn't seen him since 2001. He arrived with hi son Ryker who he was taking to the show. We all headed to the reception of what had been our hotel for the last 3 nights and sat and chatted in the lobby till it was time to say goodbye to Jens, Lars and Thomas. There were a few tears shed and i was real sad to see the guys go, we'd had some great times over the last 3 weeks and all 3 really are great guys, I'll miss them on the rest of the tour that for sure.

Maria, Glenn, Ryker and i met up with Mat and Drew who had been to all the Boston shows so far and al walked across the street to pick up some tickets and head inside the venue. I’ll do a review later for the show but suffice to say it was another cracking show which i saw from the front rail.

We met up after the show at the same place we had the night before but now there was only 4 or 5 of us in the group. Glenn headed back to Maine and we headed out for a drink before Mat and Drew left Maria and i in the bar, and then there were two!! We got a cab back to the hotel via McDonalds as Maria hadn't eaten all day and was craving junk food! We went through the drive through in the cab and all the cab driver seemed to be worried about was his credit card machine had stopped working and kept asking us to make sure we had enough cash to pay him! Even as we went through the drive though he shouted “ don't spend all your cash, my credit card machines broken, i need you to pay me cash”


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