Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Goodbye Boston, Hello New York……

I hardly slept at all last night probably got an hours sleep in total, just kept waking up and couldn't get to sleep at all. We got the hotel shuttle at 9:30am, we had checked in online for the Jet Blue flight to New York so didn't have to be there real early. Got to the airport around 10 and sailed through security, got a couple of Yoghurt Parfaits at the Starbucks and sat in the departure lounge waiting for the flight.

DSCF3288 (Large)

I slept pretty much all the way to NY and remember waking up a couple of times and the turbulence was pretty bad and for the first time ever i felt a bit ill on the flight! It was only 5 minutes to landing and by the time we touched down i felt better.

Goodbye rainy Boston                                          Hello rainy New York

DSCF3291 (Large)    DSCF3293 (Large)

My friend Renate from Switzerland was flying into JFK 10 minutes after our arrival so we took the air train over to terminal 8 and met her off her flight, then Maria, Renate and i shared a cab into New York.

DSCF3295 (Large)


  1. safe travels Si! great seeing you again... maybe we'll meet again on this tour at some point

  2. Um, please tell us you don't always hang out in airports outside the Women's Room right? :)