Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Detroit day 1…..

SO when i got to the hotel i had a real bad headache, i think it was just the travelling and driving catching up with me again. I went down in the pool for an hour, had a shower in the room and the just relaxed on the bed and watched some TV. I cant remember falling asleep but woke around 3am with the TV still on and still had the headache.

I still had a bit of headache the next morning, i needed to do some Laundry so i looked on Google maps for the nearest one and it was about 1.5 miles away. When i got there the place was pocked up but they had a sign on the window with the address of another place.

The Laundromat                                          Its customers!

DSCF4737 (Large)  DSCF4744 (Large)

The name of the place made me laugh but the area and people around me didn't! i headed in, got some change and soap powder and i must have looked so out of place in there! I got talking to a  couple of the people waiting for their washing and as soon as they heard my accent they waned to know why the hell i was in the middle of Detroit doing my laundry! Took me an hour to do what i had to do and i then headed back to the hotel.

Went for another swim when i got back, i wanted to use the gym but my head was still hurting a little and i didn't want to risk making it feel worse.

My friend Jeff Post whom id been meeting up at several shows with had invited me out to his house today for snacks and a couple of drinks before the show, it was a 45 minute drive out and i told him id be there around 3:30, it was now 2pm. I took a drive up to an outdoor shopping mall and had a look round for 20 minutes before making the drive over to Jeff's

Meet up at Jeff's.                                          Jeff's cat!

DSCF4749 (Large)    DSCF4754 (Large)

I headed back towards the venue around 5:30 and got stuck in a bit of traffic on the way, made it back to my hotel and then headed out to the venue for 7pm I was meant to be meeting up with Chris whom id met briefly in Toronto, he was tailgating in the parking lot, however i didn't get to the venue till later than i expected and unfortunately i wasn't able to meet up. Id arrange to have dinner with another friend Doug and his wife Chris and his brother Teddy all of whom had driven over from Canada for the show. We had a quick bite to eat in a restaurant attached to the venue before heading in for the show,


  1. Hey SI..unfortunate we couldn't meet up and have a bevvy before the show. Alot of people tailgated...WOW!!!. Glad you had a good time..Detroit i thought was way better than toronto...although Toronto's wall fall was better..Maybe see you next year in England! hahahahaha.

  2. Awww, what a fluffy! I'd love to have a fluffy cat except I wouldn't want to deal with the shedding!

    Julie :)

  3. LOL, I grew up in that neck of the woods and after seeing those pix of the laundromat I just have to say: You Are Lucky To Be Alive. Cobray

  4. Glad to see that you met up with Mike K. as well.


  5. No worries Si..Maybe we will meet next year in your town!!! Woulda loved to have seen and heard some stories from you though..Wall fall way better in Toronto..This show was more polished i thought though...Keep in touch