Thursday, October 28, 2010

Driving from Detroit to Omaha…

Yes i said driving!! so when i booked all my travels in the UK a couple of months before the tour i knew this next 7/10 days would be the biggest driving time,I had a lot to drive in a little time. Today's was the biggest. Originally i was going to drive to Omaha over two days and stop in a hotel half way. However i had been offered a place to stay at Beth (Kami and Kim's mum) parents house and if i did the drive in a day id not only save on a hotel for the night but id have time to see Beth and a full day the next day to recover from the driving and not be all tired for the show that night.

I left Detroit at 7:15 and hit Omaha in the GPS:

DSCF4886 (Large)

I figured if i stopped a couple of times (which i hate doing) id get there in between twelve and thirteen hours. It was a long drive and after getting a headache the other night from the four hour drive to Detroit from Columbus i was in two minds whether to do it or not, however, id start the drive anyway see how i felt at half way and take if from there. The first hour wasn't great, i was hitting the morning rush hour traffic going into Detroit, when i got passed this though it was pretty straight forward and real quiet.

I filled up with gas twice on the trip and called in a Taco Bell when i was half way over, i felt great as id also picked a couple of cans of Red Bull up when filling up with gas which kept me going for the rest of the trip. I decided i would keep going and do the whole drive in one.

Gas station!                                               Just for you Karen!

DSCF4909 (Large)  DSCF4890 (Large)

Beth called to say hi and that she was looking forward to seeing me tomorrow, i told her i was doing the drive in one day and i should be with them about 6pm tonight! she was real excited and called me a couple of times on the way over to make sure i was having a safe trip:)

The road was just long and straight with the odd hill up and down and that was it!! four hundred and some miles on the same road! It was just corn fields and farms all the way!

Where ya been……..                                  Where ya going……….

DSCF4915 (Large)  DSCF4916 (Large)

Few more pics from along the way:

DSCF4891 (Large)  DSCF4894 (Large)  DSCF4904 (Large)  DSCF4914 (Large) 

I was about an hour away from Beth's parents when she called to see how i was doing, i told her id be there at six and was looking forward to seeing her. I've never met her mom and dad yet they were opening their house up to let me stay which i thought was so nice of them, five minutes before i got to the house i called in to pick up her mom a nice bunch of flowers. Beth had told me earlier on the phone that when i get here they were all decked out with decorations outside the house for Halloween so id have to “lift up the witches skirt to ring the doorbell” lol

Flowers for Beth's mum                  The witch on the door.                Beth's mums Halloween decorations

DSCF4939 (Large)     DSCF4933 (Large)  DSCF4934 (Large)

I arrived just after six, Beth was at the or waiting for me at the door, it was so nice to see her again and i was introduced to her mom and dad. They had asked earlier on the phone if i had eaten and id had a quick bite an couple of hours ago but they'd saved some of their dinner for me for when i got there. Beth showed me around the house and i took my cases up to the room,  it was the “Noah's ark”  for reasons on the picture below.

The decor in my room                               Me seeing my room for two nights:)

DSCF4931 (Large)  P1020889 (Large)

The room was beautiful and i was so looking forward to not having to sleep in yet another hotel bed and have some real company of Beth and her parents for a couple of days. Beth said to make myself at home and asked if id like to hang anything up in the closet, i said it was fine as i only had jeans and T shirts and had been living out of my case for the last 7 weeks. She said “well if you wanna hang anything up then here's where you can put stuff” she then opened the door and i had THE shock of my life!!

Out of the closet jumped……….Kami!!!!! I was in total shock. I was only expecting Beth to be here and had talked to Kami only the day before and she said she was getting a cold and at home alone working hard on her thesis that she had to get finished. Little did i know that she was already here in Omaha with her mom and keeping it quiet from me! Kami, her mom and dad had planned for her to come up here the week before and not told me, even Kim knew when i was down in Columbus and hadn't said a word, in fact even Dave K knew and had been sworn to secrecy,lol

Me nearly having a heart attack!


The above picture was actually take AFTER id got over the initial shock, i dread to think what i looked like when she actually jumped out of the closet.

We all had a chat downstairs before we walked over to Beth's sister Susan's house who lives a five minute walk away and who was going to the show with us  tomorrow.

Beth, myself and Ellie (Beth's Mom)

DSCF4940 (Large) 


To be continued……….


  1. It's fun to see you rockin' the Cape Cod and P'town t-shirts. great that you get to see Beth and Kami again!!

  2. See, aren't surprises fun??? I tried to do the same to you, you stinker!

    I'm so happy you get to stay with a family and get a respite from the hotel tour.

    Thanks, again, for the great pic's!

  3. you Simon!

  4. What a sweet surprise, that's so cute! And Dave K knows how to keep a secret!!

    Julie :)

  5. They got you good Si! Hope you all have a superb time!