Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mikes Pastry’s…….

So the day before yesterday before going for breakfast we called in to Mikes pastry’s, its a very well known store in the Italian area of Boston known as the North End. The area is full of Italian restaurants and pastry shops. Until 5 or 6 years ago i had no idea what a cannoli was! an Italian friend of mine in Brooklyn NY took me for a cannoli one day so its all his fault!!

Mikes Pastry’s

IMG_6586 (Large) IMG_6588 (Large) IMG_6591 (Large) IMG_6595 (Large)

IMG_6598 (Large) IMG_6596 (Large) IMG_6599 (Large) IMG_6601 (Large)

It has to be the largest cake shop I've ever been in. Usually the queue is out of the door and half way around the building however we walked straight in and were served within 2 minutes! We have a fridge in our hotel room so Lars and i both stocked up on a box full as they would keep for a few days. Its now 3 days later and the fridge is bare!

We ended up back here last night after dinner, the queue wasn't too bad and id guess there were 25 people in front of us.

Cakes as big as a bottle of beer!

DSCF2913 (Large)  DSCF2915 (Large)

There is another store across the street called Modern Pastry and Mikes and Modern are the main two stores that sell the pastries, there's always a line outside of each store.They are in competition with each other and some swear by Mikes and others by Modern. We were pretty happy with Mikes and didn't get a chance to sample Moderns, maybe next time.


  1. Aha, so you got over to Mike's!! (They're the best one.) The lobster tail you're holding is massive, they taste go good - and miraculously contain no calories at all. :-)

  2. LOL ... wish you could bring me one!! Love cannoli's!! Glad you made it to Mike's!