Saturday, October 02, 2010

3rd day in Boston..

So after the show last night we all went back to a bar for a few drinks, i wasn't too bothered for drinking so had one with everyone and made my way back to the hotel. Half an hour later Jens came in and was saying how we really need to catch Lars snoring tonight.

The bar we headed to after the show

IMG_6757 (Large)  IMG_6746 (Large)   IMG_6743 (Large)

Lars was having a cigarette outside the hotel so when Jens and i heard the door in the room go we both started snoring our heads off, Lars thought he’d got us and as i peeped out of one eye i could see him firing up his camera, just as he pointed it at us and jumped up in bed and said GOTCHA!! his face was a picture he couldn't believe it. We were all then fired up for recording the snoring. We were all in bed and all had our cameras at the side and wondering who was going to go to sleep first. I heard Jens snore first but it wasn't too loud, then i must have dropped off asleep myself.

Woke around 8am (jetlags definitely gone now!) and messed around on the laptop for half an hour then fell back to sleep till 11. Soon as i woke up i heard Lars snoring away and recorded the clip that i put on my blog. Tonight's the last night i have to put up with it so i only have one more chance to get Jens!

Had a quick shower and headed out to get some breakfast/lunch around 1pm, found a little bar down the road and had a turkey club sandwich. Wandered back to the hotel and found out they had a gym in the lower level of the hotel, i was so bummed, we leave tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to get an hour in in the morning.

Jen’s went off to look for some nail varnish and Lars went to get a new suitcase. I went for a walk around Boston common, through the gardens and then wandered back to the hotel where i am now and its about 6pm in the evening. Were all heading out to the North End in an hour for a relaxing Italian dinner.

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Boston Common Panorama

Boston panorama 

Boston sights album:


  1. Boston is my favorite city on the East Coast, thanks for all the pictures, dear.

    Julie :)

  2. Love that city! Did you go to Boylston Street and see the marathon finish line (or is it just me who loves that spot?).

    Love the snoring wars ... can't wait to hear more!!

    ~ Gina ~