Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nassau, second show…..

I headed out to the show around six, a little later than yesterday, i got caught in a bit of traffic and didnt arrive till near seven. Ellie called while i was on my way to say she had arrived as did my friend Brad as well. I was also meant to be meeting up with my friend Jeff whom i had missed at all the NY shows and last nights Nassau show. He was due in the bar at 7:30 but it got to pm and i couldn't see him.
The Nassau Coliseum venue
DSCF3774 (Large) DSCF3771 (Large)  
I saw with Ellie and Andy for half an hour and then my friend Brad arrived, Brad had bought a front row seat for tonight's show and had never seen the show from the front row, i knew he would like it and i wasn't wrong! once you've been front row you cant go back! Brad had also brought his friend Mike whom had not seen the show at all but was a big Wall fan.
We headed down to the floor and much to the disappointment of Brad he was only asked once to show his front row ticket while making his way to his seat!! I headed down there with them and met Mike who had already found his seat and was soaking in some of the atmosphere. I went for a wonder around the floor and finally found Jeff and his mom! I hadn't seen Jeff since the Ca-ira even in New York some 4 years ago, was great to see you again and to meet your mom!
My friend Jeff (no idea what I'm looking at!)
DSCF3777 (Large)
The floor was packed out tonight i couldn't see a single spare seat in the house. Last night the two sections right next to the stage off the floor at each side was covered by a cloth, stopping anyone sitting in the seats as this was where the wall fell down at the end of the show. Tonight there was no cloth! all the seats were open and people were sat in them! little did they know!
The show tonight was much better than the night before, the crowd were a lot more enthusiastic and even stood u for the opening track of the second half, Hey You.
I don't take my camera to every show as i don't enjoy the show as much if half the time I'm seeing it on a 2” lcd screen but id brought it along tonight. I stood with Brad and Mike on the left hand side on the rail for the show tonight.
Dave openeing Young Lust
Even being this close due to all the lighting and flashes and projections its so difficult to get the settings right on the camera, its a lot more settled in the second half and so much easier to take decent picture. This said i didnt do too bad in the first half and got some half decent shots.
DSCF3781 (Large) DSCF3782 (Large) DSCF3785 (Large)
DSCF3804 (Large)  DSCF3803 (Large) DSCF3851 (Large)
The first half went without any hitches at all that i could see, roger was as talkative as ever and  again made reference to being here 30 years ago! Brad and Mike couldn't believe how different the show was seeing it from this close up. He had seen the MSG shows a couple of weeks earlier and there was a ton of things that he hadn't seen or noticed from his seats a bit further back at the other shows. As i said, once you've been on that rail you just cant go back! I stayed  at the front for the intermission didnt go wandering or anything, Jeff came down for a quick chat and said his mom was really enjoying the show and was taking lots of pictures.
By the time Brad and Mike had got back from getting a beer it was tome for the second half, as i said earlier the crowd all raised up from their seats and remained standing for the duration of the show! I love the second half, love seeing the band when they are out front performing. Mike turned to me during Hey You and asked if they leave the wall up for the rest of the show or if they take it down, i told him to just watch, wait and enjoy!
Few pics from the second half
DSCF3910 (Large)  DSCF3919 (Large)  DSCF3941 (Large)
 DSCF4002 (Large)  DSCF4005 (Large)  DSCF4014 (Large)
There was a pretty big cock up on the crews side tonight, when the instruments rse from the stage and In The Flesh started it wasn't till about 20 seconds before the vocals started the Roger realised someone  had forgot to put his mic stand out and his mic! he was pissed you could see it in his face! it was then that Robbie realised and handed him his mic that he usually gives to Roger have way through when he goes walking around on the stage.
In The Flesh
The wall falling down tonight was spectacular! not the best but different. Remember the side blocks of the stage that i said had been uncovered and there were people sat in those seats ? will the wall on the right hand side of the stage totally fell down all over these people and covered them!! it was unreal there were people fighting themselves out of the bricks, oh if only i could have been there,lol The m,ain wall fell in two good sections forward towards the front rail, was great to feel the wind rush past us that was made from a whole sections falling so close to us. I don't think brad had any idea just how close those bricks are when they fall and your stood on that front rail!.
A friend of Dave and mine, Jackie, had messaged me earlier in the day to ask me to find out what was on Dave's t shirt at the end of the show, it was somewhat of a mystery and he hadn't told so so far!
I tried to get a couple of pics of it but it wasn't clear enough as soon as Dave saw me and knew i was trying to find out what was written on it he laughed, turned around and then covered it with his banjo! He’s later told us that Roger asked all the band members for a slogan that they would like on the front of their shirts!  Dave's first request was “sex appeal, please give generously” however he had ended up getting one that said “Wall or Nothing”
DSCF4033 (Large)  DSCF4041 (Large)  DSCF4034 (Large)
It was another fantastic show in a historic venue. View all the pics from the show here:


  1. Ah Kipp said he was going to blog about the slogans everyone came up with...Jon J's cracks me up (I bet they get a nice per diem)! I want to know what Jon C.'s shirt says. Thanks for all the pics as always, m'dear, I think I'm getting a wee crush on Robbie, don't tell Snowy! (lol)

    Julie :)