Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New York day 1…

Maria, Renate and i took a cab into Manhattan from JFK. I was staying with my friend Brad, Maria was at a hotel 2 streets away from me and Renate was at a hotel on the west side of the city.

My friends Brad and Julee had had a baby girl Milla 8 months ago and this was the first time id got to see her.


I took a walk down to my friends UPS store (he owns  seven Manhattan UPS stores) and dropped off a box that i had been carrying for the last week. Jens had ordered some shoes for his girlfriend and when they arrived they had sent the wrong size so i arranged to send them back by UPS but hadn't had chance to take them to a store to drop them off since Boston. Brad and i hung out for an hour before i headed back to the apartment and wrote yesterday blog.

Milla is adorable and hardly ever cries.we sat and watched TV together and Julee introduced me to  Yo Gabba Gabba, what a shame i wasn't in town the night before as they were doing a live show at Radio City Hall! so upset that i missed it,lol

We ordered Chinese takeout for dinner and just relaxed and chatted till i went to bed around 10pm


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