Thursday, October 07, 2010

Road trip starts now……….


So i have 10 days with a rental car now:
New York to Buffalo (today)
Buffalo to Washington DC
Washington DC to Long Island
Long Island to Hartford (via Cape Cod)
Hartford to Newark
Might be a bit of a delay in Blog posts for the next couple of days but will try and get some stuff up when i can. Had a great night last night at the show. Was funny to watch Jim Carey rocking out  who was sat right in front of us, kinda hard to take a pic when he was that close! Here heis below sat with Rogers girlfriend. Also a pic of everyone after the show. More details soon.
DSCF3448 (Large) DSCF3471 (Large)


  1. Safe travels Si. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Nice to see ex-Canadian's Enjoying the Show ;)


  3. Hi Simon, good to see you last night, I was in section 350, really good view of the entire wall, missed a few things from the floor. I can send you some pixs,

    see you in NJ at the Izod

    jz (joe z)

  4. surprised Jim Carrey's seats were so 'side-view'. he probably missed some of the show from that angle.

  5. any buffalo meet ups?

    Ole from norway?

  6. Long Island to Hartford (via Cape Cod)???? You'll be on the cape?