Friday, October 08, 2010

2nd show day in New York….

So its been nearly a week since i ran or worked out, i was determined to go for a run today so last night at the meet up i arranged to meet Jason at his hotel and both of us go up t central park for a run. As it turns out Jason had forgot!  Also it appears that my running shorts that i brought with me from the UK are still hung on the back of hotel bedroom door in…… Cleveland!! ugghh. I went down to Paragon sports  about 10 blocks from the apartment and bought a pair of cheap black shorts.

When i was on my way back  yesterday from shopping i noticed one of those bill board type paintings being done on the side of a huge building. There were 2 gantries going down the building, the guys on the right were white washing the wall and the guys on the left were painting the mural for a soon to be released film. I've seen these before but never seen how they are done and was amazed.


I also took my camera down today and on the way back took a few more shots to see how far they had got in 24 hours.

DSCF3369 (Large) DSCF3370 (Large) DSCF3368 (Large) 

It was crazy watching them paint, they had what looked like a hug line drawing  on the whole wall but I've no idea how on earth they stand back and look at it as they go along to see if everything looks ok!! These actually look like photographs when they are done as anyone who has seen them in NY will tell you.


I got changed into my running gear and then went over to the Hotel Pennsylvania to see if Jason was there but he wasn't. I took the subway up to central park and started a run round the reservoir. Its a great little run and you get to see all building on the East and West side of the city while running. Man could i feel all those canolis, steaks, Long Islands etc in me!! it was like i was sweating them all out on my run. Its about a 1.5 mile track around the reservoir and it nearly killed me!! i didn't give up though and also ran from the park all the way back down to East 28th street (from East 90th) they say each block in NYC is about 2/3 of a tenth of a miles so you work it out!

Brads wife Julee had been out the night before with one of her friends, the first time since she had had baby Milla 8 months ago! They went to a new Italian Market place type thing that also had restaurants in it and was called Eataly.As i was gasping for air and feeling like id just run a marathon Julee was telling me how good of a place it was and how nice the food was. I went in the bedroom and crashed out for a couple of hours before having a shower and getting ready to go to the bar to meet up with everyone. I felt great tonight, the run was exactly what id needed and i felt so much better than i had the last few nights since not doing anything apart from eating and drinking.

I headed out around 3:30 and walked down to say hi to a friend in one of brads stores. As i was walking back and toward the meet up bar i saw  the sign for the place Julee had been telling me about, Eataly. it was amazing inside, it was like an authentic Italian market with store fronts to buy cheese, wine, Parma ham , gelato, fresh pasta etc etc at the back of the complex were five or six places that you could eat, these included pasta, Pizza, cooked chicken and ham and cheeses.

The fresh meet, Pasta and ham counters at Eataly

DSCF3372 (Large)  DSCF3374 (Large)  DSCF3375 (Large)

I headed to the pizza area and put my name down for a table for one, she said to come back in 15 minutes. I wandered around some more in awe at the foods, they were all so fresh and looks amazing.

The bread, chicken and dessert counters.

DSCF3373 (Large) DSCF3377 (Large) DSCF3376 (Large)

I headed back to the pizza place and ordered a margarita and a glass of red wine. They cooked the pizza right in front of you in a huge log fired brick over and all the pasta was freshly cooked right in front of your eyes.


It was THE nicest pizza i have ever had in my life!! seriously, it was so light and fresh and tasted so good!!

Maria called to see what time i would be at the bar and to see where i was, “heaven” i told her, that's where i am,lol For anyone that lives or visits NY i would 100% recommend this place, its on 23rd and 5th. I shall be going back in few weeks time when I'm in NY again that's for sure. Can you tell from the above that i liked this place ?? lol

Maria was with a few others and had just got Roger to sign a couple of things as he drove in through the entrance to MSG, its cool to hear he is still doing this, he would always sign things if there were people outside waiting. I headed up to the meet up bar and it was great to see Greg and Scott make it up from Philly. We had THE best time at this bar in 2006 and drunk far too many long island iced teas! i think the bar knew Greg and Scott were coming as the frst Long Islands they bought were pretty small compared to the second ones! Theres no trying to con these two guys when it comes to Long Islands!!

Long islands: Greg, Myself and Scott: Mark & Beth, my surrogate mom and dad!: Emil, Greg and Scott

DSCF3383 (Large)  DSCF3379 (Large)  DSCF3381 (Large)  DSCF3384 (Large)

Was also great to see my friend Thomas and his son Dennis had made it over from Germany. Elliot & Vito from Queens had made it tonight as had Joe from NJ whom we’d met up with in Boston earlier in the week.

Emil and I                                                  Group shot after the show 

DSCF3473 (Large)  DSCF3471 (Large) 


Second New York show details and trip up here to Buffalo( where i am now) coming soon

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  1. One of the only things I miss about up north is the Italian markets like that. We don't have many down here in FL and the ones that are here have no selection and they want an arm and a leg for what they do sell. Looks so Delish!