Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day in Buffalo….

Again this is a bit back to front so read the post before this before reading this one!

Didn't do a lot today during the day, did go and use the gym in the hotel though and did a 30 minute run on the treadmill while watching the Crazies zombie movie on the TV at 10am in the morning! went for a dip in the pool to cool off after as well. felt good to run off those wings from the night before!
Just chilled out in the room and watched some TV till early afternoon before heading over to the Mall for a look round a few stores, Kami bought a few things as she had a hot date tonight!! Id pulled a few strings and she was going to meet Dave K before the show and at intermission, she was pretty excited but obviously need a new outfit! i just hung out while she went shopping.
I got a call from my friend Tony around 4 to say he had arrived at the hotel, he had driven over from Rochester with Dawn whom id last met up with in Cleveland a week or so ago. He’d brought along a couple of friends too, Keith and his friend. the six of us headed over to a TGI’s a few miles from the hotel and had dinner together. Doesn't matter where we all go there's always Floyd/Roger references everywhere, Kami pointed out the Hendrix album cover on the wall next to our table and said “Hendrix perm” i then added “its obligatory”
Bob from Toronto called while we were there and we arrange to meet at the venue after we’d eaten. Dawn, Tony and the others headed back to their hotel but as Kami and i were ready to go we drove the 4 miles downtown to the venue.There very little (if not nothing) at all at the venue itself and we parked up in the parking lot and went inside to the will call window. It was around 6:45 and the doors to get inside the venue weren't open yet but we were fortunate we were able to get in before all the plebeians,lol
PA092022 (Large)  PA092017 (Large)
Bob called again and he had found a bar a couple of blocks away, he was gonna walk up to the venue and I'd meet him when he got inside, Tony and Dawn were gonna do the same. At 7pm the masses were let in and 10 minutes later i took Kami round the back to the Hospitality room to meet the band. I went to meet up with Dawn and Tony and spotted them as they walked through. Same with Bob and Andy,  Chris also called my cell phone and let me know where he was with his dad whom he was going to the show with.
Was great to see Chris again and meet his dad who was really looking forward to the show. ever so sorry we didn't have more time to meet up and chat but glad you both enjoyed the show.
Partying like a rock star Kami!
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I watched the first half of the show from the front right on the rail, i just cant get enough of seeing the show from that rail! hearing the monitor speakers instead of the PA  just makes it so much better for me! At intermission i found Kami who was 13th row dead centre and we both headed back to the hospitality area. Was great to see Dave, we had chatted on facebook and text but it was the first time we’d met up so far on the tour. Dave and i share a love of a guitarist called Michael Schenker, we went to see the guy together in London last July and that was the last time we had hung out together. Dave's a great guy and a good friend and doing a fantastic job on the tour. There were very few people in the hospitality area, probably no more than 8 which is a HUGE difference from the 160 some that were packed into a room for 70 people the night before in NY!  Mark (Lennon) spotted me and came over to say hi and he and Kipp looked as though they were the only people who had friends there! With 7 minutes left till the second half we said our goodbyes and headed back out to our seats. Roger was talking to some guy about playing Golf the next day as we walked out.
PA092051 (Large)
I sat next to Kami for the second half of the show, I'll make another post about the shows but it was THE best version of Comfy Numb I've heard and there's a reason for that which ill explain in my show post.
After the show we had arranged to meet up with  everyone at the bar that Bob & Andy had found a  couple of blocks away. While walking over there we spotted a guy walking down the street carrying a full brick!! How the hell had he got it out?? but more importantly for Bob and Andy how much would he accept for it! The guy was pretty trashed and everyone was stopping him wanting their pictures taken with said brick. Andy caught up with the guy and offered him $300 for it! At first the guy seemed real interested but just carried on walking and it was clear he had no idea what was going on, what he had or where he was!! i bet he did the next morning though! not many people can say they have a full brick from the wall! We had a couple of drinks before Kami and i headed back to the hotel, we were both tired, I've no idea why you were Kami as all you;d done the day before was sleep all day! id driven 6 hours!
Dawn, Tony and the others were at the hotel when we got back and we all said our goodbyes as we were all leaving early the nest morning, we had an 8 hour drive to do down to DC!


  1. Awww, that's a nice pic of you and Dave.

    Julie :)