Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York to Buffalo….

This is a bit back to front as this is from 5 days ago when i left NY but am catching up.
So Mark, Beth and Kami (these guys deserve their own post on here and will get it soon:) had made the trip up to New York for both the shows from just outside Washington DC. The next show was Buffalo and then Washington DC after that. I was staying at Mark and Beth's for the night before and of the DC show. Kami and i have travelled round a lot over the years seeing shows together so it went without saying that she was more than welcome to come up to Buffalo with me in the car while her mom and dad went back to DC and we’d both then drive back down to DC after the Buffalo show.
I got a cab over to Penn Station at 10am and met Kami outside, We got the train from Penn station out to Newark Airport where id already arranged my rental car pick up.
View of NY from the airport.
DSCF3479 (Large)
Picked up the car, hit the Buffalo hotel in my tom-toms favourites and set off on the 6 hour drive up there. We stopped about an hour into the trip for something to drink and a snack and then did the drive without stopping till we hit Buffalo. Kami was asleep in the front seat within 30 minutes of us picking the car up and later got into the back seat and crashed out and i didn't see her again till we were in Buffalo!
Ha, this pic serves you right for sleeping all the way!
DSCF3480 (Large)
The drive up was nice, the weather was great and the fall colours on the trees were beautiful.Its real hard to get across the colours of the trees from the pictures.
DSCF3481 (Large)  DSCF3497 (Large)   DSCF3484 (Large)
We arrived in Buffalo around 6pm, went straight to the hotel and crashed out for an hour. For the last few days when id been telling everyone i was going to Buffalo they al told me i had to try the wings up there. I wasn't aware that Buffalo (chicken) wings originated from there!  When we arrived i called  Chris, a good friend of Laurens and arranged to meet up with him at the best wings place in Buffalo called Duffs.
We got to Duffs around 8:30 and Chris was waiting for us in the bar, Id never met Chris but Lauren had chatted to him for 4 or 5 years online and he was a real nice guy, just a normal down to earth guy:) Once he’d explained the menu system to us we ordered 30 wings in total plus a large fries to share between the 3 of us and an order of Mozzarella stick(but these never came) I don't like real hot and spicy food so we ordered 10 plain and 20 mild.
The before picture                             Chris and the famous wings              Kami and I and my first taste of Duffs
DSCF3490 (Large)  DSCF3491 (Large)  DSCF3492 (Large)
Chicken wings are around in the UK but they are nowhere near as popular as they are in the USA and there's certainly not the variety of sauces available on them that you can order in the US, you just get the wings with BBQ sauce of your lucky!
I have to say they were one the the best things I've eaten while over here! i know i keep saying this but they were, really! the meet just dropped off the bone and the coating was just right and crunchy plus they were hot (temperature wise) and the mild sauce we had ordered on the 20 was just right for me, just left you with a little tingle on your lips, not too hot at all.
The after picture,                            Chris and I                                    Duffs!!
DSCF3493 (Large) (2) DSCF3494 (Large) DSCF3496 (Large)
Chris hadn't seen the show yet and we chatted as much as we could about it without giving away any spoilers. Kami kept us all entertained with her stories of being such a world traveller having spent 16 months in China in 2008/2009 and 12 months in Japan a couple of years before that.
After destroying the wings and most of the fries we were all full up and kinda glad the Mozzarella sticks hadn't come, although i bet Kami could have eaten them! She wanted dessert after but Duffs wasn't really the place for desserts, they had one mina thing on the menu and that was it! We said goodbye to Chris and said we ‘d  and made our way back to the hotel, I did offer to try find a place for dessert for Kami on the way back to the hotel but we ended up going straight back. I have a few friends arriving tomorrow so am looking forward to seeing them again, Bob and Andy are coming in from Toronto and they haven't seen the show since the first 3 shows so I'm looking forward to hearing from them how its changed and if they think things have got better!


  1. Gorgeous scenery! I've always wanted to visit upstate NY for the wings and the landscape, lol.

    Julie :)

  2. I see what you did there. I'm so not ashamed. I love sleep.