Thursday, November 04, 2010

Couple of little things……….


Kansas City show:

So Kami and i are sat at the stage right for the first half, there's 4 seats free on the floor the second row right, i ask if she wants to go sit down there. “no I'm fine here i like seeing the show from here and want to get some pictures from here from the second half” she says, so we stay there for the second half. At the end of Waiting For The Worms every night Roger walks off stage right but before doing so he removes his red hammers armband and throws it into the audience who are sat on the right, you know what I'm gonna say don't you? yup the person that caught it was sat right next to the four seats that were free, in fact he lent over to one of the seats that was empty to catch it!!


Mark Fisher website, Wall 2010

There's some fascinating pictures here as to how the whole stage is constructed on this current wall tour, really shows you how much work and effort goes into setting this whole thing up by the crew!

Click on the link below.

Stage construction Wall tour 2010


There's some great pictures from the rehearsals at the Izod centre  at the link below:

Wall 2010 rehearsal pictures



And there's also some great conceptual drawings here at the link below:

Wall 2010 conceptual drawings



  1. Stufish is definitely a great site, I really enjoy all the original images Mark's staff posted too (I remember seeing The Wall billboards from 1980 in LA, and so did JG, he told me he was living right by Tower Records and saw the one on Sunset Blvd every day for a while.)

    Poor Kami, maybe she'll get another chance at an armband!

    Julie :)

  2. Haha - thanks Julie - maybe :D I know it's not the same at all, but if I really really want one just to wear, I can make one... XP