Thursday, November 04, 2010

New York (again) day 2….

Didn't sleep in too late today but then i didn't sleep too well either, i pulled a muscle in my neck working out i think in Kansas City and its been hurting a bit at nights, its the pillows i think.
I didn't do much (well any) shopping yesterday so headed down to Union Square to have a look round some stores. Remember last time i was here and i put up a picture of the guys painting a forthcoming movie sign on the side of a building wall ? well here it is again! its just over a month since i was here and they have whitewashed it all again and are starting a new one!! crazy! Also passed a Bud Light box throw out in the trash and thought of Kenny's beer wall!
sign guys bud light box
The farmers market was on in Union Square and whilst the sun was out it was still a little chilly so i warmed myself up with a cut of hot cider and wandered around the market. I looked in a few stores, bought a couple of things and then headed to to Noho and Soho, i spent a good couple of hours down there looking at stores and then wandered up to Washington square Park where i called in a  deli and bought lunch (cottage cheese, Eggs, Coleslaw, grapes, mozzarella and tomato!) i then wandered over to the park and ate lunch while sat in the fountain. It had warmed up by now and the park was full of NYU students and business people making the best of the weather while eating lunch.
Washington Square Park                  My Lunch                                        The view while eating lunch
washington square  lunch  wash square
After lunch i headed up the lower end of 5th Ave, i walked past a small restaurant with small bench outside, Sat on the bench was a guy dressed in block jeans, black boots, sunglasses and smoking a cigarette, as soon as i saw him i KNEW i had seen him before. I walked straight past and names started coming into my head, Matt Damon, Matt Dillon, and a few others came into my head but i couldn't place the guys name. I turned around after passing him and walked back, taking another glance as i passed, the guy was no more than 4 feet away from me! as i walked past again it dawned on me, it was Brad Pitt!! just as i turned around to walk past for a 3rd time he stood up and headed into a doorway next to the restaurant, Tracie Martyn, it turns out this is a high end anti aging Clinique/ facial place, oh how i laughed at the though of a priceless picture of brad walking out of that place! Had he not have just gone in as i passed by the 3rd time i would have for sure courteously asked him for a picture!
I carried on up 5th Ave to Macys, had a look around and then headed back down towards the apartment. Saw a great t shirt in a store that I'm gonna buy when I'm in Philly as my friend Wendy can get me 30% off, the second i saw it it reminded me of the animation at the bringing of Good Bye Blue Sky! I got back to the apartment around 4:30pm after spending a few more $ on the way! I spent $10 on the following and whilst it didn’t cure my neck it made ait a lot better.
I passed a guy working out on the sidewalk on the way back, he just stood his bike at the side, turned on his ghetto blaster hit the floor doing push ups! New York never ceases to amaze me! I also passed a cake store with some rather odd looking cakes!
Love this T shirt                    $10  worth every cent!         Open air workout!               Frog cakes!
blue sky t shirt  massage  press up guy toad cakes
Chilled out in the apartment for an hour before brad got home and we left for the drive over to New jersey for the show.

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  1. They say you're more apt to see celebrities in NYC because they think they won't be recognized. And your lunch looks delicious!

    Julie :)