Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dallas to Denver….

I was up and showered by 9am, checked out of the hotel and drove the 3 miles to Love Field Airport. Id only flown in and out of Fort Worth before and Love Field was a lot different, it was old, very old and this reminded me of something! Today was the 22nd November 2010 and i was at Love Field Airport in Dallas, Texas. This very same day 47 years ago at this very same place John F Kennedy flew into Love Field for the very last time!! in fact it was his last time on an aeroplane!  As i was going through the airport i kept looking around me and wondered if there was anyone else here who knew the above fact!
I grabbed a bite to eat and waited an hour at the gate for my flight, i was flying Southwest and they have an open seating arrangement so i was lucky when i got on the plane that no one had taken the front row seat as of yet (i should have taken my normal 13th row on the aisle seat:) so i took my seat by the window right at the front. We touched down in Tulsa for 20 minutes before carrying on to Denver total flight time was about two and a half hours. I fell asleep for the first hour of the flight before arriving in Tulsa and did my blog  on the second leg of the journey.
My friend Mark was also flying up to Denver but he was going direct from Ft Worth, he was due in an hour before me and had a rental car to pick up so was going to wait for me to get in so we could both ride in to Denver together. We landed at 1:45pm, i went to the baggage claim to get my checked luggage and Mark sent me a text to say he was there waiting. unfortunately the baggage  took the best part of 45 minutes to arrive but Mark waited for me and we then headed into Denver.
GPS taking us to the hotel                  Denver skyline                                    Coors Canaveral !!!
DSCF7263 (Large)  DSCF7264 (Large) DSCF7265 (Large)
Took us a good half hour to get to the hotel, Ralph and Lori had arrived in Denver yesterday and were already at the hotel and had text me to say they were waiting on us arriving.  We pulled into the parking lot, i checked in and stated to head up to my room, Mark was staying at the same hotel too but the hotel had it on their computer that Marks room had been cancelled! He checked in anyway and said he would call hotels.com to find out what was going on.
I dropped my bags at the room and headed straight up to Ralph and Loris room to see the,. It was great to see them both again we always have the best time when we meet up and i was forgetting when i left Tampa that i would see them again here! They are also travelling down to Vegas tomorrow with me and seeing the show there.
Lori and i
DSCF7333 (Large)
It was now 3:30 and we arranged to meet in the lobby at 5 to go out for dinner across the street. There was a highly acclaimed restaurant right across the street that Lori had researched and said had great reviews. I went back to my room and chilled out for 90 minutes during which time Mark called me to say Hotels.com had messed up his reservation and he was out in the car driving round trying to find a new hotel as the one we were at wanted three times the rate now!!
Lori, Ralph and i met up in the lobby and headed over to the restaurant across the street, it was nice and the menu was extensive, took me a while to decide what to have but i decided on the rib eye steak and a side of sweet potato fries! they also had a happy hour on till 6:30 and it was buy one get one free! so we did, in fact we bought several:) I had a couple (ok well 4 including the two free!) of glasses of Chardonnay and Lori did the same, Lori and i were saying how we both had a nice little buzz going on and were already feeling how we do at 10pm on a night out and it was only 6pm!!
We made our way back over to the hotel and asked the hotel shuttle guy to take us downtown, he asked where and we said anywhere! he took us on a brief tour of Denver and took us past the big blue bear which apparently is the most famous thing in Denver! well according to Lori it is! I've still no idea what it is but I'm guessing its football related!
DSCF7268 (Large) DSCF7267 (Large)
We started bar hopping and had a glass of wine in each place, we ended up in a bar called the Tilted Kilt, you can imagine what all the waitresses were wearing and I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't be asking what was under a Scottish mans kilt if they wore kilts that short! Anyway i digress….
We then took the bus to the Hard Rock Cafe……. mmmmmm or did we do this the other way round ? mmmmm i cant remember, anyway, we missed the bus stop for the Hard Rock and had to wait till the bus got to the end of the street turned around and then we got off on the way back!
DSCF7299 (Large) DSCF7292 (Large) DSCF7309 (Large)
We had a good chat with the guy who managed the Hard Rock, he was a Floyd fan but there wasn't any Floyd memorabilia in there at all! He was aware of Rogers show tomorrow but had to work so was unable to go to the show.
After the hard rock we walked the streets of Denver and came across some bulls! I mounted one from behind in a leap frog fashion and the end result is pictured below

DSCF7281 (Large)  DSCF7326 (Large) 
Its at this point that i don't remember much apart from calling the shuttle guy at the hotel and him coming and picking us up!! there's a few more pictures in the album below that i don't even remember taking! This entry may be worth coming back to every so often as you know how it is after a good night out you forget things and they come back to you as the day goes on!
Its now 10am the next morning, I'm laying in bed and uttering those words “I'm never gonna drink again” and this time i mean it!


  1. All those bulls and no Jens to enjoy them!

  2. Ah, Denver .... great memories!!! Love the pic's, Si, thanks!

  3. I would have paid money to see you mount that cow from behind :D

  4. Oh don't even try to sell me that line of bollocks, Mr. Simon! You're going to Vegas for a wedding *and* a concert and with both those activites there is usually alcohol involved!

    But you can keep your virtue with me, I don't drink now. ;o)

    Julie :)

  5. Si, Got some news for you Sunshine.....I,M comming to California .AA meetings will have to wait:-)

    see you soon friend.

  6. You should have seen him trying to mount the white bull. I didn't catch it in time with the camera. Hilarious!