Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Houston to Dallas……

Sorry this is a bit late, this was a couple of days ago..

I was driving up to Dallas today and had a couple of things i wanted to do on the way up there. There was the Buc-ees place that Gabriele had told me about last night, a Waffle House that Gina, Kim, Chris and i had stopped at in 2008 that i wanted to re visit for a flashback memory plus there was a place about an hour east of Dallas i wanted to drive out and see!

I left the hotel around 10am, as it was a Sunday morning the traffic wasn't bad at all, the GPS said id be in Dallas in 4 hours time. Considering I'd be making a couple of stops and then driving an hour East and then have to drive back into Dallas i was guessing id be at my hotel in Dallas around 4pm.

Few  odd things i passed on the way

DSCF7015 (Large) DSCF7012 (Large) DSCF7013 (Large) DSCF7014 (Large)

I saw a huge billboard on the way up advertising the restrooms at Buc-ees “ Buc-ees we put the fun in restrooms” it said, this made me even more curious! I then saw the Buc-ees beaver sign in the distance.

DSCF7019 (Large) DSCF7020 (Large)  DSCF7021 (Large) 

I parked up and went in, the place was packed! it was just a gas station but the store inside was huge and sold everything imaginable, soda, food, candy, ice cream, home made fudge, and lots of cowboy and Indian gifts!!

The beef jerky counter and Buc-ees             The restrooms

DSCF7026 (Large)  DSCF7022 (Large)  DSCF7025 (Large)

I obviously couldn't take any picture inside the restrooms but they had life size cowboy and Indian figures and all the stalls were done out with cowboy and Indian memorabilia. It was certainly different and unlike any restrooms id seen before!

I got back on the road and my next task failed as i wanted to find the Waffle House that Gina, Ralph, Chris, Kim and i had stopped at in 2008 on the way to Rogers Dark Side show in 2008, unfortunately i had no idea what town it was in or where it was! i stopped by three places but they weren't the one we stopped at so i had to give up.

Took a few pictures while  was on the road driving up, passed an Arena on the way up and it had the sign Yellow Rose Arena across the front of it, would have been a great place for Roger to have played Watching TV :)

The Yellow Rose Arena                      Nice Impala i passed on the way        Road to where i was going!!

DSCF7027 (Large) DSCF7035 (Large) DSCF7037 (Large)

The next place i was going was a town called Floyd!! after Kami and i running around like kids in the other town we came across called Floyd i Google maps other towns called Floyd and found one just outside Dallas. The first sign i was near was the sign below saying Floyd 3 miles. I was actually in the middle of nowhere, miles from most houses, and there was nothing but flat fields, telegraph poles and quiet roads going on into the distance. I had no idea what was there but i had to drive out and just the place and I'm glad i did.

Sign says it all                                   Empty road to Floyd                         This is Floyd!

DSCF7042 (Large) DSCF7043 (Large) DSCF7044 (Large)

I drove the three miles to the centre of Floyd, and there was very little there. I was expecting a sign or something saying i was in Floyd but there was nothing at all, the railroad crossing above was pretty much the centre of the “town” I drove across the rail tracks and immediately saw the following.

This is my sorta church:)

DSCF7045 (Large) DSCF7046 (Large) 

I then turned to my right and saw a sign about 1/4 mile down the rail tracks that had the word Floyd on it.I had to park the car up and walk down rail tracks about 1/4 to take a couple of pictures, unfortunately there was nothing around to rest the camera on so i could get a picture with the sign and me in it. I tried every which way but failed, the sign was pretty high as well and I'm presuming this was so it was level with the train drivers as they pulled along side it.

DSCF7052 (Large)  DSCF7049 (Large)  DSCF7050 (Large)   

I drove around a little looking for other things but the only other thing i found was the Baptist church. there were very few houses around and no business's at all.

                                                               My GPS telling me exactly where i was!

DSCF7056 (Large) DSCF7062 (Large)

The town of Floyd

I hit my Dallas hotel on the GPS and i was 50 minutes away, i had to drive the quiet roads back that i had driven to get here and passed a couple of things along the way The first was a house in the middle of a field that had lots of old searchlights outside! there was stacks of them around the rear of the property of all shapes and sizes.

DSCF7071 (Large) DSCF7068 (Large) DSCF7069 (Large) DSCF7070 (Large)

After 45 minutes i was 4 miles from my hotel and passed the venue for tonight's show as i drove past it on the highway.

Dallas in the distance                        Dallas skyline                                  Cool town name     

DSCF7074 (Large)  DSCF7075 (Large)  DSCF7072 (Large)  

I arrived at my hotel around 4:30, chilled out in the room for a couple of hours before making my way down to the venue for tonight's show. Something odd happened to my GPS while i was driving to my hotel, watch the clip below and wait to hear what she says about 3/4 the way through the clip! I know Mike had fallen out of love with Katie my GPS but it sounds like she is missing you Mike!!



  1. Okay what did you do to get her to say that?! :op

    Truck stops: the American institution! We don't really have any fun ones like that here in CA.

    Julie :)

  2. That is some sweet looking Jerky. I will take a pound of that por favor :)