Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Kansas City show….

WOW what a show!! and what an after party!!
We got to the hotel around 5pm, showered, got changed and then headed out to the show. Neither of us had eaten. The venue was in a fantastic  area full of restaurants and bars  and as we walked the few blocks to the hotel we passed a Chipolte! unfortunately the line in the store was real long and there was no way we would be served and be able to eat by the time we had to be in the venue. We went to another restaurant hoping to get served quickly but after waiting a good five minutes and no one coming to take even our drinks order we decided to eat at the venue and head in.
I wasn't actually too hungry to be honest and didn't bother eating but Kami was. Kansas city is known for its BBQ places and i had a few places listed that i had looked up online but we just never got around to finding them let alone eating at them!
Kamis BBQ beef brisket covered hotdog with deep fried Onions!     Various slushy drinks for a buck each!
72247_485326597593_535467593_6988010_7916562_n                                     73686_485331797593_535467593_6988130_3820494_n
We made our way down to the floor, Kami went off to see Dave K and  headed over to see my friend Mark Strand who had been at the four shows previous with us. We had a chat  about how good the previous few shows were as Mark hadn't seen the shows since Chicago and the band were so much tighter now!
I wanted to see the show from the side again tonight so we headed up to the side level next to the stage on the right and took our seats in the second row from the front, behind the yellow tape which separates where the wall fall used to happen!
View from our seats                         Kami and Brent before the show       Brent preparing Pink for the stage!
PA312003 (Large)   PA311998 (Large)   PA312000 (Large)
The whole section where we were was pretty empty and one of the security guys came over and told us to sit wherever we wanted in the section, we were perfectly happy so stayed put! The kids during Another Brick were great tonight and really made the best of their time onstage, a lot of them coming out in front of the others and dancing about and doing step dancing. When they exited the stage they stood at the top of the steps waving to the crowd and encouraging them to applause louder, which they did!
PA312017 (Large)  PA312018 (Large)  PA312025 (Large)

Kids in Kansas City
I forgot to mention in the St Louis review that during Comfy Numb most of the front half of the crowd were sitting in their seats and during the lyrics “ can you stand up stand up” Roger pointed at the people sitting and motioned for them to stand up!! he didn't do it tonight even though a few of the crowd were still in their seats!
PA312030 (Large) PA312033 (Large)
Few random pictures that i took at tonight show from the random images section
PA312059 (Large)  PA312048 (Large)  PA312054 (Large)   PA312046 (Large)
it was a great first half with no mistake that i noticed at all. Kami stayed in her seat and i ventured down to the floor to see Mark again.
They have shortened the intermission by ten minutes now so the intermission is only 20 minutes in total.
I walked back up to our seats and took my place for the second half, for some reason the section was packed for the second half! not sure what happened  whether they sold some cheap seats at the box office for a cheap price or what but it was pretty much full for the second half.
Robbie has started singing a bit more melody during The Show Must Go On, personally i dont like it but just pointing it out as an observation, he started doing it at the St Loius show and did it at the KC show after that. Looks like its gonna be staying!
PA312073 (Large)    PA312076 (Large)   
Roger came onstage in his usual leather jacket and black biker boots, saluted Robbie, wagged his finger for Roger to follow him and then made his way to the podium in front of the mic stand. he pointed to his mic and Robbie handed it to him, he also pointed to the machine gun on the floor and Robbie picked it up and put it over his shoulder.
Roger took the machine gun from Robbie at the end of In The Flesh and started to shoot into the audience, its changed slightly in that he fires a few shots, moves around then fires a few more and then does it again, i think it works better than doing the whole sweep around in one shoot! After he fired the gun he took his mic and said “so how many did i get?” and then grinned.
Roger again got a little confused between the microphone and the megaphone that he talks though during Waiting For The Worms and sang into the megaphone instead of the mic towards the end but made a quick recovery!
During Nobody Home roger held out the mic for the crowd to sing into but held it out at the wrong time and the crowd singing “on the TV to Choose from” was heard back! he still thanks the crowd though.
Roger during Comfy Numb
PA312083 (Large)     

Shadow Dave playing Comfy Numb         
The wall ell good  and in a couple of large pieces but the sides are still not falling, all the people that saw the shows earlier on in the tour really got to see something that will probably not be seen again!!
More pics of the Kansas City show
So after the show we headed out to the outdoor plaza that we had walked through earlier, the place was absolutely packed with people dressed in Halloween costumes! Its not really a celebrated holiday in the UK and while a few kids dress up in costumes there's not many adults do and certainly nowhere near as many as here in the US! In fact we had seen people in costumes at the shows for the last 3 nights!! no one blinks an eye its just normal to see witches, sailors, wizards and zombies at a show!
Few Halloween pics
PA312091 (Large)  PA312094 (Large)  PA312099 (Large)  PA312100 (Large)
This was a costume!
PA312113 (Large)  75849_485441377593_535467593_6991545_929401_n  PA312102 (Large)  PA312092 (Large)  

This was THE best costume I've ever seen!! this was just one guy as well.
We stayed at the plaza for a good hour just leaning over the balcony and picking out all the different costumes, I'm sure kami will comment and say how much i enjoyed it, i really had seen nothing like it and couldn't believe how many people actually join in!
Halloween dancing
There was a costume competition at midnight but we left around 15 to midnight so missed it, we did hear the next day that a guy dressed as the invisible man won it!!
Halloween pictures:


  1. Love all the photos of the costumes, what fun! Halloween is a big deal here, glad you got to experience it. And thanks for the side-view photos of the stage, I've been missing seeing the "Hair Brothers" (Jon C. and Harry). XD

    Julie :)

  2. Thank you so much for the review. It was a great show, I don't remember some of it so it was nice to see evidence that it actually happened. :P

    Thanks Again,
    Fish Paste from AFG

  3. Haha - I almost forgot about that - You can tell Brent the Hobo had a $1 Slushie because his tongue is blue!