Tuesday, November 02, 2010

St Louis show…..

After having dinner with Chris and heading into the venue Kami and i again both sat with Dave K, had a chat and i then left her to find my friend Chris and his dad. They were about 15th Row dead centre and Chris hadn't seen the show since Chicago, his dad and two friends hadn't seen the show at al yet so i was looking forward to hearing what they thought of it after.

I like Chris a lot, he's a great guy and we always have a laugh whenever we meet up, earlier tonight had been no exception when we were talking about tattoos and his Wal-Mart obsession! He asked earlier if i was able to get a picture of him, his dad and his friends with Dave K, i said id see what i could do and just before Dave went back to the dressing room to get ready for the show i was able to get the following:)

Chris and i at the show                               Bobs, John, Ted, Dave K and Chris

DSCF5139 (Large)   DSCF5140 (Large)

Kami and i were on the end of the 14th row,  the guy next to us actually gave us tickets for the seats!! he was a friend of one of the truck drivers and had being given four comp tickets to the show but there was only himself and his friend so he gave us the remaining two tickets  so we could sit in the middle of the row together! I was beside myself that someone whom we’d never met would do such a thing, i offered to buy them a beer but they were fine and politely turned the offer down. We chatted a bit before the show and  Kami and i agreed it was just Karma coming around and we had to do something to help someone to keep the karma going later on. When i met kami in Baltimore yesterday she told me she had been sat next to a girl whom had just broken up with her boyfriend and wasn't too secure with her travel plans in Chicago and wasn't sure where to go, Kami actually walked over from her terminal to terminal F with her to make sure she was ok with where she was going, She then walked all the way back to her terminal for her flight, that's Karma being returned i thought to myself :)

The show was great tonight, the band were tight the sound was good and the atmosphere was just how it should be. The crowd were up and down a touch early on but stood mainly for most of the show which i was glad about.

DSCF5157 (Large)  DSCF5159 (Large)  DSCF5161 (Large)

I headed back to have a quick chat with Chris at the intermission and then returned to my seat for the second half.

These are the random pictures i took from the flashing images on screen tonight, again they came out pretty well!

DSCF5169 (Large)  DSCF5180 (Large)  DSCF5176 (Large)  DSCF5177 (Large)

Dave Comfy Numb solo just doesn't falter now night after night, its hard to even pick a single flaw up in the shows from the last couple of weeks even!

The wall fall was pretty good tonight, Kami and i both felt the wave of wind brush past about 5 seconds after it fell, the crowd goes wild when they see the wall falls, I'm pretty sure even though most of the crowd are aware of the wall  music not many of them know about the production of the wall and how the wall actually comes down at the shows until it actually happens!n Its always great to watch peoples faces at this point in the show.

DSCF5187 (Large)  DSCF5188 (Large)  DSCF5191 (Large)

We stayed in our seats tonight for outside the wall but could still see the facial expressions of the band and were still able to see how much fin they had had and were having y the looks they gave each other.

After the show we made our way back to the hotel, we followed a guy dressed in Floyd clothes and wearing a plastic wall mask, it made me laugh seeing him just walking along as normal texting on his phone with not a care in the world! not only did we follow the guy back to our hotel where he was obviously staying ut noticed he was also staying on the same floor and corridor as us  and then in the room directly across!!

DSCF5207 (Large)  DSCF5208 (Large) 

We headed to the bar  and Kami went to chat to her boyfriend on Skype for a while, most of the hotels I've been in have wireless in the room but the the hotels out in the Midwest don't seem to have great internet connections and the hotel in St Louis only had wireless in the hotel lobby which made things a touch difficult having to go down to the lobby to check things out on the laptop. Kami came back and joined Chris and the guys later on and ordered a tequila shot and a glass of ice water. I came back from the bar with what was the biggest shot I've ever seen, in fact I'm sure everything thought it was the glass of ice water there was that much of it!!               

Post Tequila shot!                                   The first Tequila shot!

 PA301984 (Large)

Not content with one she ordered another but i think that was the max! I'm pretty sure drinking those two shots was the equivalent of like 6 regular shots! i had a couple of Long Islands which made a change! i hadn't had one for a few weeks, they weren't the best but they were ok. We all then called it a night, i said my goodbyes to Chris, Ted, John and Bobs and made my way up to bed.

St Louis show pics:


  1. Haha - my peasant China man was like "Where are you?!" One of the people waiting for the elevators also looked at me around the corner with a WTF expression... people are so funny when they hear Chinese.
    <3 Tequila

  2. That's a really heartwarming story, it's always nice that such occasions bring out the good in people.

    (I don't think Dave had as much fun as when he was photographed with the harem! ;o))

    Julie :)

  3. Hey Simon,It was nice seeing you one last time in St. Louis. Glad you are enjoying the US and having great fun.Hope I cross paths with you again...some sunny day.