Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding in Las Vegas

So today was the day of the wedding plus the show tonight, it seemed odd having a couple of nights off from the shows as its usually just one night between shows. I showered and ironed my shirt and trousers that i had brought over for the wedding. It wasn't going to be a big wedding and was only casual wear. The wedding was at noon today about 2 miles up the strip from my hotel. I went for a walk down to the Walgreens to get something for my throat and cold and also picked up a big bottle of water and a couple of other things to put in the fridge in the room for later on.
Id been watching a program in the UK called Pawn Stars, its about a Pawn shop in Las Vegas and had put the details in my tom-tom before i left the UK as i wanted to call in and see what it was like, However it was the day after Thanksgiving and Vegas was busy and i realised when i drove past that there were a lot of people with the same idea so i didn't stop to go in just took a couple of pictures as i drove by in the car.
DSCF8055 (Large)  DSCF8058 (Large)  DSCF8057 (Large)
The wedding chapel was about a mile away and right opposite what looked like a lovely Hotel/Hostel!!
Would you stay here ?                        View from the wedding chapel           The wedding chapel
DSCF7973 (Large)   DSCF7875 (Large)  DSCF7877 (Large)
I arrived around 11:45, a few of Erin's family were there whom id met yesterday at inner and a few others arrived 5 minutes later. We all sat in the entrance of the chapel and laughed at the Elvis decorations and license plates and other t shirts and wedding “ memorabilia” available to buy.
DSCF7884 (Large) DSCF7886 (Large) DSCF7887 (Large)
After 10 minutes we were all invited back into the main chapel itself. it was nice, and had a few church style benches at each side of the room, i went and sat on the edge of one  towards the rear on the left hand side.
The Chapel
I took a LOT of pictures and have posted the full album of them all at the end of this entry, a few of them are below though, make sure you look through the album though as there's some great shots.
DSCF7921 (Large) DSCF7903 (Large) DSCF7911 (Large)
The ceremony was short , simple but did exactly what it was supposed to. After the ceremony we all made our way outside the chapel and stood to wait for the happy couple to come out. Their names were already in lights on the Las Vegas strip as we exited to chapel!!
DSCF7953 (Large)  DSCF7954 (Large)  DSCF7956 (Large)
We all stood outside to wait for Amy and Alex to exit the chapel.
Man and Wife!
DSCF7984 (Large)   DSCF7983 (Large)
After the wedding we all headed round the back to a reception room where there was coffee and the most amazing tasting cake:) We all hung out in the room for an hour taking pictures and wishing the happy couple all the best, after an hour, Amy and Alex  took a car out to the airport where they were flying out to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter! they would then join us at the bar before Rogers show tonight. I cant thank Erin, her mom and dad and especially Amy and Alex for inviting me to be among their family for the two days, i had a fantastic time and wish you all the best for the future:)
Erin and Amy (sisters)                                              Amyand I
 DSCF8042 (Large) DSCF8043 (Large)
I was shocked after the wedding to see Elvis is still alive and well in Vegas! Well thank you very much!!
Elvis has left the building.

After the wedding i headed back to the hotel , then to meet Kami who had flown in earlier and was out shooting guns! and then to the pre show meet up, details soon.


  1. GREAT pics of the wedding, and of Elvis! Glad your having fun. It was great to see you Oct. 15th in Hartford, CT Waters Gig!


  2. Ravin'n'Droolin11:58 am, November 30, 2010

    Saw you on the live webcam Simon but lots of 'picture freeze' so gave up :( Looking forward to your MGM review...

  3. Well you have once again done one of those quintessentially American activities, a wedding in Vegas! So many fun pics!

    Julie :)

  4. Hi, Simon!

    My Mom and Dad (Elly and Rich) were remarried on their 35th wedding anniversary in 2005 at the very same chapel with an Elvis impersonator doing the honors. The ceremony included promising to "love each other tender" and "be each other's hound dog". It was silly and goofy and a lot of fun. Since I don't know how to post a picture here, I'll e-mail you one.

    Glad to see you had such a nice Thanksgiving here in the states and that the shows continue to be spectacular. I wish I were in sunny California about now - it has been snowing at my house!


  5. Si, glad you got a shot of the Pawn Shop. I love that show, but didn't see that place while we were there.