Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Vegas day 2 (continued)…..

So i drove the car down to the new York New York hotel, parked the car and wandered into the Casino. I was meeting Erin and her family at 3:30, i called Erin and she was just about to get in the Casino. We met up outside the pub where we were having Thanksgiving dinner. 10 minutes later Erin's mom and dad arrive along with her brother, grandma, sister Amy and Alex who were getting married tomorrow and a couple of Erin's cousins. There were 18 of us in total and we all made our way into the pub.

Id met Erin's Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister about 5 or 6 years ago when i went to their house in CT. It was great to see them again and they were all so happy to see me! It was great to meet her grandma too who apparently had her a lot of good things about me!

Dinner was a crab and seafood soup with sweet corn plus a choice of either prime rib or turkey. I chose the turkey and have to see it was excellent. Unfortunately i left my camera at the hotel so wasn't able to take any pictures, however i will post a few when i get some from Erin.

Around 8pm i made my way over to the MGM casino to see Gail, Joe, Ralph and Lori. They had continued out after i left for the dinner and had been seeing the rest of the strip before heading back to their hotel and partying in Ralph and Loris room!  T say it looked like they had had a good time when i knocked on the door and saw them is a HUGE understatement, their room looked like party central! I joined them for a glass of wine before i headed back to my hotel to drop the car off and then come out and party!

I have an ld friend from high school also called Simon whom i haven't seen since the Dark Side shows in Hollywood. He e mailed me a few weeks ago to tell me he was flying into Vegas and would be arriving the day of the show. I got a text from him while i was having Thanksgiving dinner to say he had touched down and would meet up around 8pm tonight. I dropped the car off at my hotel, got changed and headed down to the Planet Hollywood resort where he was staying. We met in the hotel bar and the instant i saw him i knew we were gonna be having a good night! He had been out on the town for the last few hours and was already on his way to having a great night!

We hung out in the bar for a while before heading down to the MGM to meet up with Gail and we went to the Studio 54 nightclub till midnight before heading back to the hotel. Unfortunately i didn't take my camera with me so having got any pics from the day and night out.

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  1. Awww no photos of you on the dance floor?! :op

    Julie :)