Monday, November 01, 2010

Omaha day one continued….

So Beth, Kami and i walked over to Beth's sister Sue's for her to introduce me and figure out what time we were meeting tomorrow and meeting up for the show etc.
Her sister lived about a 10 minute walk away in a real nice neighbourhood and the area that backs onto their house is a mass of wild turkey's, squirrels, birds and wild deer! Its a real woodland type neighbourhood and Susan pointed out to me there was a Jogging/running track right across the street. I hadn't run for a few days but I'd also just driven 730 miles in just under 12 hours so didn't feel like going for a run now and wasn't really sure how i would feel in the morning, I'd also just had the biggest shock of my life with Kami jumping out of the closet and it was still sinking in that Her and Beth had pulled something like that off to surprise me!
I met Sue and one of her sons and Beth arranged the details for them to pick us up tomorrow around 4:30 to head down to the venue, see a little of downtown Omaha and to have dinner before the show.
Susan's family had a beautiful dog called Dinah and as most people who know me I'm a huge animal lover and would love to live in an area like they do with the wild deer running around in the back fields.
P1020878 (Large)  
We walked back over Beth's parents and hung out and chatted in the living room for a couple of hours, just talking about travel, the UK, the USA and me trying to explain to Beth's dad the idea behind the game of cricket!! Kami, Beth and i watched a bit of TV before Beth went to bed after an hour, i then drove Kami down to Sue's where she ws staying and i headed back up to Beth's parents where i was staying.

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