Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just got to Kansas City……

AMAZING show last night in St Louis, had a great day today going up the St Louis arch, then drove over to KC. Off out for food, then the show then we have a full day and night here tomorrow and then fly out to New Jersey on Monday. Halloween here tomorrow, never been in the US before on Halloween so that should be fun! Just gonna find a fun bar and enjoy the night tomorrow.

Will catch up in a couple of days, have a few days in New York next week and time to be able to put a few pictures up and write a few things up.


  1. Safe travels, looking forward to more adventures!

    Julie :)

  2. Hi Simon, keep it going, see you in Jersey, night 1

  3. Great to hear you are having a blast! Sitting on the 30th floor of my hotel in Taipei Taiwan, looking at the 2nd highest building right in the world right out one of my picture windows. Lovely place, Taipei. Still, wish I could see more of you guys and Roger. Gonzo

  4. For Halloween go find one of the "haunted" houses that are set up in most American cities this time of year.

    And THEN go to a bar.


  5. I drove 6 hours Friday to see the show in St. Louis. I thought I had a long trip. Man it's exhausting just reading your blog. Maybe I will catch up with you at the show in Tacoma.

    Good travels.