Saturday, November 13, 2010

Philly 2nd show (Part 2)and after show…

We took our seats for the second half of the show and again Kami and i were able to sit next to Wendica! it wasn't till 3 or 4 tracks in that we realised we were actually on in the same seats as the first half BUT two rows further forward!! how did that happen ? more so how did it happen and no one came to those seat!,lol Anyway we stayed in them all night and had a fabulous second half.
Took some cool pics of the random images from the send of the first half that i forgot to post on  part 1 of this blog entry so here they are below:
DSCF5908 (Large)  DSCF5912 (Large)  DSCF5909 (Large)  DSCF5907 (Large)
Second half seamed to go quicker than ever and before we knew it it was the time for the wall to come down! The four of us all made our way down to the rail just before the wall fall and stood on the rail with Jim and Chrissy. The girls loved seeing the band up close at the end and of course the whole band looked down our way and spotted us, four good looking girls all in a row including 3 blondes! what do you expect,lol
So the band were doing a “runner” after the show back to their hotel, Dave had told them he wouldn’t be with them and came out stage left to meet us after 15 minutes or so. Myself, Kami, Wendy Jessica and i al made our way up the steps in the venue and headed outside to go get a cab. It was strange walking with Dave as every s often he would get noticed and asked to stop for pictures or sign a ticket or program. What would probably have been a 10 minute walk turned into a 25 minute one!
We made our way over to the main street infront of the venue and  took a cab back to our hotel in downtown Philly, our hotel is strange the moment you walk through the door the first thign you see is the bar!! the bar is where the normal checkin desk is in most hotels and the checkin desk is round the corner where most hotels have the bar! The second we walked in we could see the bar was closed yet it was only 11:30! We asked at reception and were told there was an Irish Bar 3 blocks down the street.
We headed out there and Wendy's feet were killing her as she hd some high healed boots on, i offered here a piggy bag and at first she refused however it didn't take more than a couple more steps till she tried to jump up on my back but failed! She then stood on top of a small wall about 12” high and jumped onto my back, oh how i was now regretting offering! lol It was then i realised i wasnt as fit as i used to be! i was like the hunchback of Notre Damn! We managed about 50 yards before Wendy and i fell backwards onto the sidewalk and both of us just burst out laughing!! It was at this point that Dave had spotted us and looked real concerned and came running over, his concern soon left though after seeing Wendy and i rolling round on the sidewalk in total hysterics!!
PB102116 (Large)
I didn't notice till Wendy saw the picture and pointed out the sign in the background, as Wendy said, i was giving her Human Services,lol
We walked another couple of blocks and decided the Irish bar was non existent so got a cab back to Daves hotel where he said the bar should be open. Little did we know the hotel wasnt even two blocks away! $10 for a 2 block cab ride!
The bar WAS open when we got back and we proceeded to order drinks after finding a nice quiet area to sit and relax. I was amazed to see they had Cider on the drinks menu! Cider isn't a big drink at all in the USA and if you order a cder in most places you end up with a glass of non alcoholic apple juice! often served both warm or chilled.
I ordered a glass of Cider and Dave did the same, the girls had a couple of martinis and Kami had a shot or tequila which she later said had a real strange aftertaste for some reason, not too bad to order a second one though! The cider came in what i can only describe as a wine bottle and was actually poured and served in a wine glass!! it wasn't bad it was just odd the way they served it!
John Joyce came over to have a chat with us all but wouldn't pull up a chair and join us as he said he wanted an early night and after seeing us all didn't think we’d be having one!! Soon ater ordering  our first drink the waiter came round to tell us the bar was closing shortly and asked if we wanted another round! we did of course but it was still only 12:15 and the bar was closing!! what's the deal with hotel bars in Philly ?
We ordered a second lot of drinks and were interrupted mid chat byt a guy who wanted Dave to sign his program, Wendy thought this was another waiter and tried to order another drink off him! lol We were then introduced to a couple of guys who had been to the show and seen several so far on the tour. James was a flight attendant for Continental airlines and his partner both wanted a picture and a signature off Dave. Wendy was curious as to how “two gay guys” had got into Pink Floyd, Wendy doesn't hold back and speaks what she thinks:) we all erupted in laughter as we all looked round at what James reaction would be! He laughed as well which was good! We had a good chat to the guys and swapped a few stories before they headed off to bed. It was obvious from the pictures that i cant put here that Wendica were not only having fun hanging out with Dave but were also really tired and were lets say had had a little to drink. I was sober as a judge and it was funny watching from the outside in and hearing some of the things that cant be repeated here and that made me red with embarrassment  more than once!
Jessica, Dave, Kami, Wendy and i                                                                The gay Floyd fans!
DSCF5922 (Large)   DSCF5924 (Large)    DSCF5926 (Large)

Gay guys, i know you’ll be reading the blog and i know you wont mind being called this, all in good fun:) was fantastic to meet you both and glad we saw you  at the show and hope to see you at the Houston show next week!!
I think we headed back to our hotel around 1:30, Wendica kami and i walked to 3 blocks back, if only i had a recording of some of the things we talked about and things that were said, we had such a laugh walking back and i don't think I've laughed as much for a long time especially after what happened last Saturday, id still been a bit down in the dumps so to speak.
We all had a great night and it was fun the next morning looking at pictures and thinking back to what was said and more so what couldn't be remembered what was said by!! Unfortunately that's about all i can say as we all know what happens in Philly stays in Philly!
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    I am laughing all over again! Thanks for such a great time my friends!
    HUGE XOXOXOXOXOXO to everyone that wonderful night!

  2. Heh, it was one of those "party like a rock star" nights, I know. It's a good thing you and Wendy didn't get hurt when you fell down!

    Julie :)

  3. Not sure whether its just bizarre coincidence, or a reflection that there is a small community of hard-core lunatics obsessively following this tour to the limits of their financial ability or other commitments, but its just too funny to see that you met James and Dwayne: they drink at my local and one of the bartenders has been struggling to decide which of us is the most obsessive about this.

    I spoke to James & Dwayne just after my MSG show, and because of that they drove up to Nassau 10/13... and although we all knew we were going, we hadn't arranged to meet at Philly1, but almost literally bumped into eachother anyway.

    Kevin (Sysyphus)