Thursday, November 11, 2010

Philly 2nd show (part 1)….

So i got a text from the girls to say they were down in the hotel bar at 5:30, i got changed and headed down there for some pre show drinks before we got a cab to the venue.
DSCF5865 (Large)  DSCF5866 (Large)  DSCF5867 (Large)
Cab took us straight to the venue where Wendica had to pick up their tickets and passes before the show.
So ya, thought ya, might like to……………
DSCF5870 (Large)
We headed into the venue, bumped into Phil, Laila and Greg and had a chat for 5 minutes before heading down onto the floor. Checked out where our tickets were and then headed backstage to see Dave and Snowy. Wendica were super excited and a little nervous about the whole thing. We headed into the hospitality room and grabbed a drink.
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Snowy spotted me and came over and gave me a hug! lol Id not seen him to talk to yet on this tour, we’d only seen each other from the stage and floor, was good to see him and catch up and  then introduced him to Wendica and Kami.
Jessica and Snowy                             Wendy and Snowy                            Kami and Snowy
73650_1597813379039_1047137063_31664180_4577079_n  150070_1597810258961_1047137063_31664174_1988097_n 73929_1600207438889_1047137063_31668471_7430575_n
We chatted for a while and had a couple of drinks and laughs before Snowy headed back to go get changed into his uniform. Dave joined us 10 minutes later and we all had a good chat and a laugh.
DSCF5881 (Large)  DSCF5883 (Large)  DSCF5885 (Large)
Sat next to us were two war veterans, Roger invites about 20 veterans to each show and they all get free comp tickets and a pass to the hospitality area, he also usually makes a point of making sure he meets them all and signing a picture for each of them! They were great guys, they hadn't seen the show yet and were really looking forward to seeing it. We said we would meet up at the intermission but we were unable to find them, however I'm glad i got to talk to them and really hope they enjoyed the show! I did say i would put their picture on the blog and they did make a note of the blog address so guys if your reading this then happy veterans day and drop me an e mail and I'll add your names onto your pic:)
DSCF5880 (Large) 
We all made our way to our seats with about 5 minutes to go till show time. Had a quick chat with Jim and Chrissy who were sat the same place as last night and were again looking forward to trying to catch the armband!
Wendica were sat 13th row on the aisle and Kami and i were sat right opposite them on the other said of the aisle but still on the 13th row. Just before the show started i made my way round to meet another friend Randy whom i said id see before the show, he's been posting on Rogers facebook page a lot and messaged me the other week but we missed each other at the Izod show! Was great to finally meet you Randy! Randy, your not aware of this but you and i actually sat next to each other at one of the Boston Dark Side shows! we sat front row, you took a picture of my friend Amy who was there and had brought her baby along to the show!! she was sat one seat behind me!!
Myself, Randy and his son.
DSCF5887 (Large)  
The crowd were good but not as good as last night. That didn't bother me as the company at tonight's show more than made up for it. I remember Wendy and i seeing the Dark Side show together in Chicago and we had such a good time together, its sooooo much fun seeing a show we people who actually “get “ what the whole touring thing and the music is al about! As luck would have it the two people who were sat next to Wendica moved to go to the bathroom and never came back!! Kami and i sat in these all night:)
DSCF5888 (Large)  DSCF5889 (Large)  DSCF5915 (Large)
It was one of the best shows I've seen  for atmosphere because of who i was with for sure. The show itself was great and the performance was fantastic but the crowd were a little more subdued than the night before.
We all headed backstage at the intermission to catch Dave and the band again and Marky and Robbie spotted me as i went in the room and came over, i introduced them to the girls and they had their pics taken.
DSCF5917 (Large)  DSCF5919 (Large)
We had a fantastic time hanging out and then headed back to the floor for the second half of the show. Spotted my friend Marc (Gunner) in the crowd and said hi,  he looked to be having a great time!!
DSCF5916 (Large)

Part two to follow…….


  1. Love the pic's .... Wendica .. too funny!

  2. So happy for Wendy Lady and Jessica.


  3. Oh those lucky girls...some guys in some band and Simon too! :op

    Julie :)

  4. Hey Simon, love the pix of yoiu with the ladies Philly part 2, the lamp above you looks like you have a halo and you're a saint

    post the pix when you meet roger