Thursday, November 11, 2010

Philly day three…….


So today i have a couple of friends, Wendy and Jessica flying in for the show tonight from Chicago! They last saw the show in Chicago and i last saw them there too. I got an e mail from Wendy a couple of weeks ago just checking that i was going to the Philly shows as they were both thinking about coming down and hanging out for one last show. however they wanted to make sure id be at the show. They decided to come down for the 2nd show as Dave K wasn't doing much that night and the five of us could go out after the show and have kinda post show party to finish the tour off for Wendy and Jessica.

Didn't do much in the morning at the hotel, i got up late, chilled out and then headed out to the airport to pick Wendy and Jessica ( both of them known together  as Wendica from now on!) up at 12:15. Their flight was 15 minutes late but by 12:45 they came through security and the four of us were in the car heading back into Philly. It was so good to see them again, they are great people and such good friends and I'm ever so glad you both made the trip to Philly for your last show:)

Wendica couldn't check in the hotel (same as Kim and I’s) as yet as it was only just after one. Everyone was hungry as we hadn't eaten breakfast at all so we headed down to look around reading Market for a place to eat. Kami then suggested we went for Chinese again! Sounded great so we walked the  1/4 mile down to Chinatown and  found a restaurant. Kami ordered all the food for us and ordered it in Chinese which was cool to watch and hear.

Dragons in Chinatown

DSCF5797 (Large)  DSCF5798 (Large)

Spicy Tofu, dumplings, Rice, Beef and peanuts, and a few other dishes were just what the three of us needed:)

After stuffing ourselves full of food we headed out for a walk around Philly. I’d seen a T shirt in Banana Republic in New York last week which was real similar to the Projections during the opening of Goodbye Blue Sky, Wendy had offered to buy if for me when she got to Philly as she works for the group that owns Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and was able to get a nice discount on it. We Googled the nearest one and walked the 15 minutes to the store. Took us 10 mins or so to find the shirt but we did and i cant thank you enough for that Wendy:) Just need to get to Florida for some warm weather to be able to wear it to the shows now:)

We walked around for a couple of hours before heading back to our hotel, getting Wendica checked in, chilling out for an hour and then heading out for tonight's show.


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