Thursday, December 09, 2010

San Jose day 2…….

Gail and Joe called our room around 8am, they were planning on driving into San Francisco today so came along and got the keys for the rental car and headed off around 10am We were just planning on chilling out today, Maria and Matt were down at the pool area so Kami and i joined them for a couple of hours as the weather was about 72` and the sun was out! i laid on the sun lounger and fell asleep while listening to Pros and Cons while Kami and Maria went off to use the spa and the sauna.

The pool at The Fairmont


After chilling out by the pool area Kami and i went back to the room and got ready to go out for “lunch” it was nearly 3pm and we hadn’t eaten all day. We’d mentioned earlier in the day how neither of us had eaten much Italian food on the trip so i looked online for a good Italian place in San Jose. As luck would have it there was a Zagat rated place called “Joe’s Original” a couple of blocks away that had some great reviews and sounded just what we were looking for!

I ordered the Spaghetti with “meatless” sauce and added a couple of meatballs, Kami ordered the half Spaghetti and half Ravioli with a couple of Italian sausages. We also ordered some Garlic bread and regular bread, plus a bottle of Ruffino:)

When my food arrived it was enormous and Kamis was too!

PC081673 (Large) PC081671 (Large) 

The “meatless” sauce did in fact have meat in it, had i known this i would have just had the sauce! the restaurant wasn't even a “family style” one this was just a single portion!

We ate as much as we could and that was too much!! The bread, wine, Spaghetti and meat certainly made up for the lack of Italian food we hadnt eaten during the tour!

Our plates AFTER we had eaten!


We took the left over food back to the hotel however we realised there was no way of re heating it in the room, that was a shame as the next day i was sure i would have enjoyed it, the Italian sausages that kami had were amazing! as were the meatballs that i had. We wobbled our way back to the hotel both of us complaining how much food we’d eaten and how full we were!

Tonight was the first show in San Jose and I'd arranged to meet up with a few friends at an English bar called The Britannia about 1/2 mile from the hotel. I was 4pm when we got back to the room and we both fell asleep for an hour. I woke up laying on the bed sideways and looked at the clock, 8:05 it said!! i jumped up and shouted the time, OMG we had slept for like 4 hours! Kami jumped up and was like “ what, what's wrong ?” i then realised id seen the time upside down as id awoke and it was in fact 5:08!

We freshened up and walked down to the Britannia bar to meet up with Gail, Joe, Matt, Eric and a few others.


  1. Glad you had a more typical Cali type of day, there's nothing like lounging by the pool!

    Julie :)

  2. lol Gina took some video of Maria doing this, i think she put it on youtube!

  3. No, not yet .. but I will ... took a while to edit it and it was a blast to make. Coming soon to ginamina28 on youtube. On Facebook now.