Thursday, December 09, 2010

San Jose, show 2…….

We got to the bar around 5:30 after taking a cab the short distance from the hotel, it was throwing it down with rain and hadn't really stopped most of the day today!

Id had a called earlier on from a guy who had been reading my blog called Brian and told him about the meet up bar and what time we’d be there. he said he would be there between five and six, my old school friend Simon whom id met up with in Vegas was due to show up plus John from San Jose and Eddie and Ellen plus Renate and her friend and a couple of others.

As we got to the bar Maria, Gina, Matt, Renate, and Brian were already there, Brian had recognised Eric from my blog and introduced himself and made friends quickly.

Brian and I                                          Matt, Brian, Gail and I                         Joe, Eric, Matt and Brian

 DSCF9121 (Large)    DSCF9124 (Large)    DSCF9125 (Large)

Eddie and Ellen arrived and it was great to catch up with Eddie, we’d seen each other at the show last night but hadn't had much time to catch up as it wasn't until we had all got inside the venue that i saw him. My friend Simon called to say he was unable to make it to the meet up in time due to him leaving his house too late but we would meet up at the venue when we got it. The same with my friend John as well, he had left his house 1 hour north of Sa Fran to arrive at 5pm but didn't get to the venue till 6:45! After an hour and a half of chatting and hanging out in the bar we made our way to the venue to pick up tickets for those that needed to.

Kami, Gina and Maria             Gina, Maria and Brain                       Kami,Gina & Maria chatting away

DSCF9130 (Large) DSCF9128 (Large) DSCF9129 (Large)

After getting in the venue we found our seats while Gail and Joe waited to find their friends in the lobby. John came along and found us and told us how he had been planning to come to the meet up but traffic was just bad and t had taken him an hour and a half longer than it should have. Michael Simone called as well and we had a chat before the show. We were 14th row on the aisle in the centre section tonight, Gail and Joe were on the other end of the same row, Maria and Brian were at the rear of the venue up off the floor in section 110 and Matt and Maria were in a similar place in section 109. Michael was 2 rows behind us to the left and John was 7th row to the right. I hadn’t heard from my friend Simon so sent him a text but he apparently didn't get it till later on after the show which is a shame as i wanted to meet up with him again, however he’s going over to the UK for Christmas and will be coming down to London so were hopefully gonna meet up at some point. I've written Christmas off this year, I'm gonna sleep for a couple of days when i get home, work the week before and then just catch up on TV programmes over Christmas on my won. This will be only the second time I've been at home in the UK in 16 years!! last year i was with my girlfriend and her parents which i really enjoyed, however this years gonna be the first year alone and at home in the UK! It shame i am up to 88 days of my 90 day visa free entry into the USA otherwise i would stay out here for Christmas and New Year as I've had so many offers of places to stay over the holiday period. Ah well, next years Thanksgiving is more or less arranged already :) thanks Beth:)

ok back to the show, its getting kinda hard to review the gigs now due to their not been much new for the last few shows and the performances all being fantastic with very few if any mistakes! tonight's show was no different, the first half was flawless and the second half was just as good as ever! There was one difference tonight though, the crowd! unlike last night where the crowd were up and down all night and couldn't decide whether to sit or stand tonight's crowd were up on their feet and didn't sit till the end of the show!

I got a few good shots during the random images on the wall section

DSCF9145 (Large)  DSCF9151 (Large)  DSCF9152 (Large)

Roger wasn't in as good a mood as he was last night (see my review on show 1 soon) but he was in good humour, his actions during the second IN The Flesh were great, pointing to the crowd telling them to sit down at the sides and using his hand as a gun at the crowd shooting at them then pointing to them and dragging his hand across his throat!

The wall fall at the end was good, better than last night for sure. It still amazes me to look round at the crowd during and after the walls falling and seeing the reactions on their faces, its always too ark to take pictures of people but I'm gonna try real hard the last few shows to capture their faces with a couple of pictures.

After the show we headed back to the Britannia pub to say our goodbyes, Maria and Matt were leaving tomorrow as were Gail and Joe and tonight would be the last we see of them till Europe next year. Gina and Eric will however be in Anaheim so am looking forward to seeing them again down there. We got back to the hotel around 11:30 after walking the streets trying to find some food for Kami, believe me there's no one more deserving to go into the “museum of tolerance” ( yes we did see a sign for one in LA!!) than someone hanging out with Kami when she needs food! We did however find a great little Mexican take out place that did great tacos and chips and salsa just a few blocks from our hotel!


  1. Remember I mentioned Matt Levitz would be there? Well look who he got on camera backstage!

    Julie :)

  2. LOL ... Kami and food ... good girl! Eating is a good thing!!

    Great last few blogs, Simon, thanks for the memories in writing!!



  3. Here you go ...

  4. This is your video, Gina:
    I see you got Matt's wife in there too, and Jon!

    Julie :)

  5. So I went nuts and flew up to San Jose from Burbank for San Jose Show #2. However, once I got there my phone died so I couldn't call Gina to let her know. Anyway, I did like Roger's comment on John Lennon on the anniversary of his death: "He was a crazy bugger, but we loved him." The crowd was lower energy than Staples Dec 5th but that in no way detracted from my enjoyment of the show -- which was killer!