Saturday, December 11, 2010

Vancouver show…..

Only had one friend to meet tonight and we were late getting to the bar, it was 6:30 by the time we got there. My friend Tammy was already in the bar and we sat with her, her husband Jeff and her two friends for half an hour before the show. I hadn't seen Tammy since the Dark Side show in Seattle and it was great to meet up again and say hi, even though it was short and we didn't have much time. We headed down to the venue around 7:15 and took our seats early on we were sat to the right side of the stage tonight. I hadn't sat in this section for a while so was looking forward to seeing it from here. before we took our seats i snapped a picture of Kami with Brent who told us they had raised about $5000 for the bettered women's charity with all the tips they had collected at the shows!

Myself with Tammy                                     Brent and Kami

DSCF9187 (Large)   DSCF9188 (Large) 

I knew as soon as the lights went down that the crowd were going to be good tonight, they were straight on their feet and cheering before Roger had come out onstage, normally it takes Roger to appear onstage before they start to cheer! By the time the pyros went off during the end of IN The Flesh you could hardly hear yourself think due to the cheering, it was fantastic! It was fantastic to see the plane crashing right over head again and even better now they have made the wire steeper and added more bricks for it to crash into!

Plane crashing

The kids were great tonight too, about 4 or 5 of them stepped forward of the rest of the group and did their own dance moves, still not as good as Chicago but they were better than a lot of the previous shows.

AT the beginning of Mother the crowd went crazy, stopping Roger from introducing it for a good minute or so.

Roger also commented on to people who were stood front row and wearing the number 1 T shirts that my friend Jim had made online. Roger commented that they had shorts on that were the same as he wore at the original shows and then added he had no idea why he wore that shirt!

Girl holding her number 1 shirt up at the end of the show.

DSCF9283 (Large)

Due to us being right at the side we weren't able to see Mr Screen after part of the wall had been built up it was great watching the crowds reactions to things appearing on the screen like the Fucking Flowers scene and the scene during What Shall We Do Now.

The projectors during the show                                                                   The excellent crowd!

 DSCF9209 (Large) DSCF9210 (Large) DSCF9220 (Large)

Few shots random shots i took

DSCF9237 (Large)DSCF9231 (Large) DSCF9232 (Large) 

Kami went to the bathroom at intermission and i went to get a slice of the worst dried up old pizza id ever had! I have to say that the security,floor, crowd control and bathrooms were the worst I've ever seen at a venue!!

Second half started to go by real quick, Hey You, Anybody Out There, Nobody Home, Vera all seemed to go by real quick tonight. It was during  the second In The Flesh that the crowd started to go wild again and it was the beginning of Run Like Hell where you could see just how into it they were!

I think the right hand side of the stage really is the best place to see the second half of the show, seeing the band onstage in front of you and seeing all the instruments come up out of the stage cant really be seen any better from anywhere else! your slightly elevated and above the stage and there's very few people in front of you.

Panorama from the right of the stage

panorama 2

The wall came down real well tonight, they have started to remove a few of the clamps at the side of the wall so a bit more comes down! i wonder if Roger started watching it and noticed it wasn't as good as it used to be ? i guess a lot of it depends on the layout of the side seating blocks at the venues as well.

The crowd REALLY went crazy as the band came back onstage to perform Outside The Wall, the video clip below is about half of the cheering that went on and its over a minute long, id guess they didn't stop for at least two and  a half minutes before Roger was able to talk! He then said and did something new that he hasn't done at any show before, see the video clip below:

Roger telling us who Sartacus is!!

The crowd

panorama 1

More pictures at the link below:


  1. I figured that was the answer. :op
    I was the only one in my section yelling out "I am Spartacus!" during the introduction, which was kinda sad.

    Julie :)

  2. Wow. And to think--there are those who wonder if the tour doesn't get boring, seeing the same show night after night. I'm glad the tour seems to be getting better, if anything.

  3. It was wonderful to see you again, Simon, if only briefly :) Best wishes to you always. Enjoy the rest of the tour. I love your blog!