Monday, March 28, 2011

Barcelona day 2………..

Went for a run this morning, i ran up the steps up to and past the “magic fountain” there were about 12 sections of steps and a total of 212!! my legs were burning like mad when i got to the top but it felt great, i then ran back the long way down, through the Olympic Park by the venue for tomorrows show and back down to the hotel, about 40 minutes in total and it felt great running in the warm weather for a change!

I went up to the rooftop and straight in the pool for 20 minutes before laying out on the terrace till nearly 2 o clock and enjoying the sunshine.

The banks of steps up past the “Magic Fountain”             My view for a couple of hours.

DSCF7717 (Large)  189704_113505082061489_100002059948211_133454_5375851_n

After taking a shower i headed out across the street to look at the old Bullring which they have converted into an amazing shopping/restaurant/gym/cinema complex. It was only opened 4 days ago and although its still a bit dusty from construction inside and a few places are still yet to be leased the place is amazing! They kept the whole of the outside building of the old bullring and built a new building inside it. it looks like they then supported the whole outside on huge metal supports so it actually looks like the exterior is floating off the ground!

DSCF7707 (Large)  DSCF7706 (Large)  DSCF7724 (Large)

The interior is full of shops, restaurants, bars and even has a 13 screen cinema in it. The top floor also houses a huge health spa with an amazing gym and has doors all the way round the outside leading to an outdoor running track that goes all the way round the building just below the rooftop so is also covered from what rain they do have out here in Barcelona.

Outdoor running track accessed from various doors in the gym

DSCF7723 (Large)  DSCF7725 (Large)

You get an amazing view of Barcelona from the roof top and can walk a full 360` around and see for miles across the rooftops.

Couple of panoramas i took below, the first one you can see our hotel roof top pool on the left:

Barcelona panorama 1 small

Barcelona 2 small

More views from the roof:

DSCF7718 (Large)  DSCF7720 (Large)  DSCF7743 (Large)

As i made my way back downstairs something Floyd related caught my eye in one of the stores.

Hammers                                           A fan on the roof!                             Kevin at the rooftop pool

DSCF7710 (Large) DSCF7752 (Large) DSCF7753 (Large)   

I've now just got back to the hotel, Its 4:30pm on Monday afternoon and Jackie and Dave are coming over at 6 for drinks on the roof top again before heading out for dinner.No show again tonight but there's 2 shows in a row tomorrow and the night after and we then fly down to Milan early Thursday morning. Gonna do the sightseeing bus tomorrow morning after another Run and have another friend

Album with more pictures and views from the Bullring rooftop below:

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