Monday, March 28, 2011

Madrid to Barcelona

Woke around 8:30 A.M, but it was 7:30 A.M. really, because we put the clocks back last night. Showered, packed, and headed out of the hotel to get the 10:30 train to Barcelona.
Had some breakfast at the station before taking our seats on the train. The trains in Spain and most of Europe are a fantastic way to travel. It's like taking an aeroplane! There's a person stood at each door in uniform to welcome you on the train, the seats are comfy and recline, and staff comes around with a set of headphones that plug into the seat for everyone as you're leaving the station--there are also TVs in the carriages showing films.
I managed to get an hour and a half's sleep when we left Madrid, and I woke with just over an hour to go before we arrived in Barcelona at 1:15 P.M.
We walked the short walk to our hotel and checked in without a problem. My friends Jackie and Dave had flown into Barcelona earlier this morning and were staying at a hotel across the street from us. I sent them a text, and half an hour later we were all sat on the rooftop deck at our hotel having a drink and basking in the Barcelona sunshine!
Kevin, Dave and Jackie by the pool       Dave and Kevin having their first beer    Jackie after her first vodka and Coke!
DSCF7689 (Large)   DSCF7690 (Large)   DSCF7691 (Large)

The view from our rooftop pool              Jackie, Dave and Kevin in the sun         Even the locals drink here!
DSCF7698 (Large)   DSCF7701 (Large)   DSCF7703 (Large)
Around 4 P.M. we all headed off for a siesta before meeting up again in the bar of Jackie and Dave's hotel. Two rounds of cocktails later, we made our way outside and started to search for somewhere to have dinner. After a 15 minute walk we found a nice Italian restaurant with tables and chairs outside and had an excellent meal and a bottle of wine. The temperature here is just right both day and night. It doesn't drop drastically at night, so it is still great to sit outside at 11 P.M!
We all made our way back to our hotels, said our goodbyes for the night, and headed up to bed.


  1. Thanks for that Si... you wait!

  2. What a great hotel that is! Thanks for all the pics though I'm sorry you're having computer troubles now. :(

    Julie :)