Monday, March 21, 2011

Okay--so all the band are now dressed in black suits, black shirts, and ties. While they all look smart on stage, it also looks really uncomfortable to wear! There are a couple of minor changes in the first half projections but nothing huge. All the flag bearers have hard black helmets. Two of them come out to the front of the stage to throw pink on stage and then get on stage to hand Roger his coat and sunglasses. Band is very tight for the first night, but the star of the show so far is Robbie; his voice is fantastic!! He must have done some vocal practice or exercises. It sounds awesome!
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  1. Suits! Will have to wait and see it but doesn't sound quite right...

    So obviously no homeless guy then? What about Spartacus?

  2. Suits? Is Roger trying to melt them?! First hoodies than this...poor chappies!

    Ha! I teasingly told Robbie he was going to get whipped into shape again during rehearsals (remember I told you what Mr. Perfectionist had to say). But he'd been working sessions in their downtime, so it's not surprising he was ready to go (and he's just plain awesome)!

    Julie :)