Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Lisbon show: a few random notes.

So the band have new uniforms for the second half of the show! They are wearing all black with dark sunglasses and black French style beret's!!
It looks great now that the two guitarists both have black Les Pauls! Dave's other new guitar is a Rasmus. He played both of the new guitars a few times during the second half, but I have to say I didn't think the Rasmus sounded as good as his telecasters at the beginning of Run Like Hell. It just didn't sound as loud and raw! Maybe it’ll get better.

The hotel room that pops out of the wall has changed quite a bit. Its all white with no Tropicana sign, there's a cityscape lit up on the back of the wall, and there's a new “Euro” style bed in place of the old-fashioned one. From memory the chair is different too, but I could be mistaken. Roger also has a telephone prop now that he uses during the line “When I try to get through, on the telephone to you, there'll be nobody home.”
During the swirly graphics for Comfy Numb Roger now stands on the podium on the left and “freezes” for at least a minute while Dave K is playing his solo. He didn't thump the wall with his fists to crack all the bricks up, but he head-butted it tonight!!
There are a few new graphics during Run Like Hell and a few new things written on the wall. I didn't take my regular camera tonight--just my blackberry--because I just wanted to enjoy the show. And I did! I will take a few pics of the new graphics at the gig tomorrow.


  1. Enjoy the shows, the documentation you give us is just a bonus! -- DrWho

  2. Gonna need one of those berets....

  3. Oooh I'm liking those boots they're wearing!

    Julie :)

  4. Waiter! I want the same that Wyckoff's eating! Checked youtube clips and OMG how he has improved his voice...

    BTW... did I listen to guitar licks in Nobody Home? Guitar?