Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sightseeing in Lisbon, day 2

Was up at 9:30 and out of the door for 10 to do some sightseeing. Walked almost everywhere around Lisbon, then took the famous number 28 tram around the city. Kevin and I had to get off the tram to move a parked car stuck out too far into the road and as such stopped the tram from moving. We were sitting on the tram for ten minutes with the driver sounding his horn hoping the car's owner would hear and come back and move it. We were all told the tram wouldn't be going any further and asked to get off the tram. We did this, then decided to push the car the best we could, and it worked!! We got back on the tram and continued our scenic journey around Lisbon.
Number 28 tram
DSCF7403 (Large)
Unable to go any further due to a badly parked car!
DSCF7404 (Large)  DSCF7409 (Large)  DSCF7410 (Large)
The tram was a great way to see the city--especially the old part of the town. We went so close to some houses that the walls were inches from the side of the tram!
Also took in the harbour and the unusual metal sightseeing tower that is built of steel and cast iron. In the middle of a few buildings it looks totally out of place! The view from the top was amazing though.
DSCF7317 (Large) DSCF7316 (Large) 
Couple of panoramas  from the top:
portugal Panorama small
Had a fun day seeing the sights of Portugal. I even found and tried on a helmet for tonight's show!
 DSCF7400 (Large)   DSCF7400
Second show is tonight. I'm going to take my regular camera tonight to get a few shots. I might also watch the second half of the show from half or two thirds of the way back from the stage to take a few more  pictures of the projections.

Album with over 150 pics of  Lisbon below:


  1. So that's what was going on when I called Kevin today :-)
    Enjoy it there, boys! 9 days until the Phlickering Phlame joins you!!!

    Your Old Friend Philippe

  2. Yay photos, what an absolutely picturesque city!

    Julie :)

  3. you sold me on lisbon si! i want to go now.


  4. Ssan, you would love it, its a photographers dream city and a beautiful place.