Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arriving in Prague……

So we got into Prague station around 7:30pm found the hotel on my Blackberry Google maps and walked for 20 minutes before checking in.

The hotel was in the old town area and soon after checking in we headed out to the cafe bar where Harry Waters was playing a gig with a few of his friends. The metro ride took us 10 minutes max and we arrived in what look liked a residential area of Prague, again Google maps on my Blackberry proved invaluable and took us straight to the door.

It was a small cafe bar type place with about 6 tables in front of the small stage and the rest of the place was made up with people standing around. I counted about 52 people in total and it was fully sold out! I saw India Waters at the bar and it was nice to see her again, i hadn't seen her since early on in the dark Side tour.

Arriving at Prague station             Promo poster for Harry’s show     Harry on stage left

IMG-20110414-00658 (Large)  IMG-20110414-00661 (Large)  IMG-20110414-00662 (Large)

We arrived at the bar around 8:45 which enabled us t see the last hour of Music, Harry was playing the piano and had a Double Bass, Drum and Saxophone player, all of whom were Czech musicians i believe. After half an hour i spotted Alfie walk in the door, Alfie is Jon Carin and Harrys stage tech guy, a real nice down to earth English guy. We spoke and chatted till Harry was done and off stage and we then all made our way to the Metro station to get the train back to the hotel. Kevin and i had had 13 hours of travelling on the train today so i was pretty tired. we said goodbye to Alfie as he got off the Metro the station before us 10 minutes later i was tucked up in bed snoring away!

I awoke around 10am the next morning after having an OK nights sleep. I got up, had breakfast and came back to the room to shower. Didn't do much at all during the day to be honest, Jens and Lars were due in at about 4pm, Phil and Laila had flown in earlier in the morning and George and Connie were arriving sometime  this afternoon.

Kevin and i spent most of the day online looking at various ways of getting from our next stop Lodz, to Moscow, a couple of days after the Lodz shows. We had visas to get plus the train ride was over 23 hours, it would be cheaper to fly but then we’d have to get the train to Berlin to get the real cheap flights. The other option was flying from Warsaw but this pushed the cost up quite a bit. Originally i was due to fly back from Lodz to the UK for a few days however I'd always wanted to see Roger in Moscow after enjoying the Dark Side show so much in St Petersburg a few years ago and i didn't take much persuading to decide to at least look at ways of getting to Moscow.

The cheaper option was the train from Lodz, this would take over 23 hours and as we looked into it there were 4 types of train travel. 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class and Common class! I had no idea what common class was but Dave K mentioned to me it was nothing more that some hard wooden benches and a plank coming out of the wall to sleep on! That didn't sound too appealing to be honest.

As it stands at the moment (its Sunday 17th April and were on the train to Lodz) I'm not sure if Kevin and i are going to make it out there. Were going to look into the Visa situation when we get to Warsaw and make a decision from there.

I was changing hotels today and sharing with Jens and Lars, Jens called around 4pm to say they had just landed and were taking a cab to the hotel. Kevin was staying in the hotel tonight till we saw if we could get a 4th bed in my hotel room, we could so he arrange to move there the next day.

just after we arrived at the new hotel, Jens and Lars arrived  in a taxi from the airport, we bumped into Phil and Laila too who were also staying in the same hotel for 2 nights.

Jens and Lars arriving                   Jens with his ticket ready

IMG-20110415-00675 (Large)    IMG-20110415-00677 (Large) 

After us all getting checked in the room and sorting the luggage out we went to the “Um Pa” German style brewery next door to the hotel. The second we sat down this guy came by in a pair of lederhosen carrying a tray of at least15 beers and placed a large glass of dark coloured beer next to us all on the table. As most people know, i hate beer, i don't drink much at all,the odd glass of wine and Long Island Iced Tea’s when I'm out in the USA. Kevin shared my glass of beer out between everyone else and i ordered a glass of wine. George and Connie arrived soon after as did Phil's friend Dave.

We asked the guy below if he knew Outside The Wall but he just looked at us with a blank stare

Um pa bar                            Harrys replacement ?           Our bar bill                         Phil, Jens and Kevin

IMG-20110415-00678 (Large) IMG-20110415-00683 (Large) IMG-20110415-00684 (Large) IMG-20110415-00679 (Large)

We stay in the bar a good hour or so, ate dinner and then headed out to take the Metro to the venue.

Jens and Kevin looking serious!           Lars, Phil, Jens and Dave                  Laila, Lars, Dave, Phil and Jens

DSCF0684 (Large)  DSCF0681 (Large)  DSCF0682 (Large)

Album with more pics of Prague


  1. Hi Jens! Joe Z from USA. We met at the boston show

  2. Hi, Simon! I'm so enjoying reading about your continued The Wall tour adventures. You're a long way from when we met in Philadelphia! I visited Poland and the Cezch Republic around 10 years ago and took the train (from Warsaw to Prague, though, the reverse of what you did). Your picture of the train station in Prague brought back memories! Best, Coleen