Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prague day 3…….

I got about 4 hours sleep last night due to Lars and Jens snoring, I've never heard anything like it! it was like when the subway trains comes past during Rogers show!! the whole room was shaking the whole night! Of course in the morning both the guy say they don't snore, but as some of you may remember from my blog whilst we were in the USA i put audio clips up as proof!

Kevin came over to our hotel around midday and word on the street was Phil and Liala were still in town! They both had to be up at 5am to catch their 8 o clock flight from Prague to Warsaw, however, after getting up at 5, getting a taxi to the airport they realised their flight was in fact 8pm at night and not in the morning! They were able to check back in the hotel when they got back and were back in their still warm beds 80 minutes after leaving!

I’d had an e mail off my friend Matt who runs the UK Brain Damage website before i left the UK, Martyn from the Czech Pink Floyd fan club had e mailed him asking if he was able to contact me and invited me to the Pink Floyd cafe in Prague. We actually met up with them briefly at Harry's concert the night before just before we left.

Kevin, Myself, Jens, Lars and Dave stopped in a local restaurant for dinner on the way to meet the guys at the Pink Floyd cafe. The restaurants menu could have put some people off eating there for sure, i think a few things have been lost in the translation of the dishes somewhere!

Local restaurant where we ate      Executors devils fire anyone ?

Praha-20110416-00698 (Large)  Praha-20110416-00699 (Large)  

We walked for 30 minutes before arriving at the cafe and meeting up with Martyn and Marek and several more of their friends. The bar was a local bar out in the suburbs with lots of Floyd themed Photos pictures and posters, they also had a nice garden area out the back in the sun where we all sat for a couple of ours sharing stories and drinking beer. They told of how they had met Roger at the airport a couple of nights ago as he flew from Zagreb to Prague and how nice he was to pose for pictures and sign their albums, they also spoke of Dave K and the other band member who all gave them lots of time and were happy to pose for pictures.

The Czech Pink Floyd guys meting Roger at the airport.


DSCF0744 (Large)   Praha-20110416-00701 (Large) DSCF0743 (Large)

In 2009 they had all put on a production of The Wall and had an audience of 7000 people in the same arena that Roger was playing tonight, the O2. They had also invited Harry Waters to the show and he had played the concert with them! The were very proud of this fact and told us several stories of their production and even gave me  a T shirt and several other pieces of memorabilia from the show. They had had some very cool hammers armbands made for the show and gave us a dozen of them to use at tonight's show. Jens immediately tried it on as a hat but eventually used it as an armband.

DSCF0751 (Large)  DSCF0746 (Large)  DSCF0748 (Large)

Kevin used to sell T shirts after the shows for not just Roger but several bands, I’ve often heard him tell the story of the guy that bought the T shit off his back! he had completely sold out of all his t shirts at one of Rogers shows  when a guy came up to him and asked to buy one, he told him he’d no more left and the guy pointed to the T shirt Kevin was wearing and asked to buy that! Kevin took off the T shirt and sold it him there and then! Well as we were swapping stories around the table one guy, Marty told of how he met Kevin and bought the T shirt off his back. Kevin had no idea Marty was the guy and was amazed to get to meet him again.

Kevin and Marty                                      Group shot before we left

DSCF0749 (Large)   DSCF0754 (Large)

We all said our goodbyes and Kevin, George, Connie, Jens and Myself took a couple of taxis  to the Charles Bridge where Jens and Kevin knew of a great pastry shop where they had been before. It was indeed great and some of the cakes they had were hugs! We all had cake, some with ice cream some without, and George ordered the most amazing crepe filled with ice cream, covered in blueberries and covered in whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce! Jens immediately saw this and waned one! he didn't “need” one but he wanted one and that was all that counted!

Cake                                   Yum                                   My cake                             Jens’s second cake!

IMG-20110416-00705 (Large)  IMG-20110416-00710 (Large)  IMG-20110416-00708 (Large)  IMG-20110416-00709 (Large)

It wasn't until i saw George talking that i realised that the crepe they were eating turned their mouths blue, not only their lips but tongue and teeth! We headed down the street to find the metro station to get to the venue, we walked over the Charles bridge which was packed with people, this was really my first sight of the beautiful scenery around Prague and i will definitely come back for a weekend sometime just to sightsee

Walking over Charles bridge and the views

 Praha-20110416-00713 (Large) Praha-20110416-00716 (Large) Praha-20110416-00720 (Large) Praha-20110416-00714 (Large)

Jens and his blue mouth                                   On the way to the show      Jens and Kevin

DSCF0762 (Large)  IMG-20110416-00721 (Large)  IMG-20110416-00711 (Large)

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