Friday, June 03, 2011

Dublin day 2….

So after getting back to the hotel around 1am earlier this morning unfortunately there was little time to have a lie in as we were setting off early to head into Dublin for the sightseeing bus tour. We got off a couple of stops away from where the sightseeing bus tour starts but spotted a bar doing Irish breakfast for 6 Euros so headed in there first.

We’d heard yesterday too that the volcano in Iceland had erupted again and there were severe delays to flight in the UK. At the moment it was mainly in Scotland however Obama had left earlier than they were due to and had flown out last night so all the traffic was back to normal in the city centre.

getting ready for the bus tour                On the double decker bus                 The Dublin spire

 P1030342 (Large)  P1030351 (Large)  P1030344 (Large)

The weather while nice and sunny was a bit cold today, we stayed on the top deck of the bus apart from a few minutes when the rain showers broke through. It was a “Hop On Hop Off” and at 11 ish we hopped off and had a walk round the Temple Bar area of Dublin. This is a great place at night with restaurants, bars and street vendors. During the day its a little different and a lot quieter.

Says it all really!!                                     The temple bar                                          Green is everywhere!

P1030361 (Large)P1030364 (Large)  P1030358 (Large)  

We had a couple of drinks in the actual Temple Bar itself and were “treated” to a bagpipe serenade by some Scots guy in a kilt who sounded as though he was just practicing in the bar!



Bagpipes in the bar                   The best cider ever!                  Whisky menu!        Happy face in the bar

P1030372 (Large) P1030367 (Large) P1030370 (Large) P1030371 (Large)

Brief tour of Temple Bar

After a couple of drinks and a chat with the girl serving we headed for a couple of pictures of the river and then back over to the bus stop to Hop On again. We stayed on the bus the whole tour then and didn't get off till the last stop.

The whole city was out yesterday!       Sign in the Hard Rock Cafe window!   No shortage of bars in Dublin

P1030380 (Large)  P1030381 (Large)  P1030425 (Large)  

We grabbed the bus back to the hotel where we chilled out for a couple of hours before heading down to the Jury bar to this time meet up with people before the 2nd show tonight!

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  1. ha ha ha :)

    I also saw those scots at the temple bar, cool guys...