Friday, June 03, 2011

Dublin show 1…

This venue is unique! its like no other arena I've seen! Its like an amphitheatre but its indoors. It has an area for standing on the floor but the first (and only) balcony is very close to the stage and as myself and James found out its fantastic place to see the show from.
Kevin, myself, and James took our place by the left hand side of the stage right in front of Dave K. Jackie and Dave were up in the balcony as Kevin had managed to get seated tickets for them. From the second that In The Flesh started i could tell the sound wasn't as it usually was. It sounded a touch muffled and was very VERY quiet. The crowd had obviously noticed too as at the quiet part before the beginning of Mother i heard chats of “ turn it up, turn it up” coming from the rear of the audience. With the exception of the sound the show was fantastic. The crowd were great and started to sing along at every chance they had.
For the second half of the show James and i decided to go and sit on the balcony, i had spotted four spare seats that had been free the whole of the first half. We made our way up there, Jackie and Dave spotted us and came to sit in the two other empty seats next to us. It was evident after the first 20 seconds that the sound up here was way better than down on the floor, I'm sure they had maybe tweaked something during the intermission and was told at the second show by my friend Shane on the tour that they had added more speakers for the second night.
IMG-20110523-01031 IMG-20110523-01029 IMG-20110523-01030 IMG-20110523-01032
It was fantastic to be more or less level with Dave K and Robbie while they were on top of the wall, I’ll add some pictures to the 2nd show review i do to give you and idea of the seating set up.
After the show we headed back to the hotel bar with Dave, Jackie and James. Kevin and Philippe joined us 20 minutes later, we both had a little  food at the hotel bar as neither of us had had much apart from the airline lounge food earlier in the day. We then took a taxi back to our hotel and hit the bed around 1am. We were off on the Dublin tour bus tomorrow.

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  1. well, I guess i was standing not every far from you (right in front of Roger),

    guess i was too excited to notice the sound or maybe i was singing to loud....anyway, the show was amazing!!!