Monday, June 06, 2011

Paris day 1

After a couple of nights at home in my own bed it was time to head out to Paris.Kami and i were missing the 2 shows in Antwerp to chill out for a couple of days and to fly into Paris early to meet up and have some time with Wendy and her husband Chris who were flying in from Chicago for a week.We last saw Wendy in Philadelphia and in Chicago before that. Towards the end of March on one of the rare nights that i had had a few drinks i sent Wendy a “drunken” Blackberry message saying “ hey, you need to see some more shows, what's the chances of you coming to London”  She replied it would be hard and didn't think it was possible due to work and the kids. Not one to give up easily i replied with “ how about Paris then?” her reply wasn't one which i expected and was something like “ that might work, I’ll talk to Chris”

Several messages later and a few conversations with Chris and she had booked her flight to Paris for the two shows!! (i am a dangerous person to know when it comes to things like this!)

Kami and i flew out of Heathrow on Friday 27th May from Heathrow. Wendy had left a few hours earlier from Chicago but id had a message to say her plane had broke down and she was due into Paris 5 minutes before we were. I checked online and we were due to arrive in terminal 2 and Wendy into Terminal 1. I sent a text letting her know we would walk over to meet them when we landed.

We got off the plane around 12:30pm and we headed over to terminal 1 and past the “Final Cut” style picture below that welcomed us to Paris. I’d had a text while we were in the air to say Wendy and Chris had landed 5 minutes ago.As we headed out of terminal 2 into Terminal 1 who should be sat there but Wendy and Chris!

The four of us headed to the train station within  Charles De Gaul airport and took the 30 minute train ride into the centre of Paris. Kami and i had booked a cheap hotel by the venue while Wendy and Chris had booked an apartment for 7 nights on the Isle  of St Louis right in the heart of Paris. We headed our separate ways for the first night, Chris was tired after the 16 hours of travelling and we arranged to get in touch tomorrow with a view to having drinks and dinner.  We took the metro to our hotel which whilst was a bit out in the residential area of Paris it was very clean comfortable and within easy access of the public transport, plus it was cheap and only 2 miles from the venue.

Final cut style picture           Old man, pink socks!          Cool wall type poster            Wall in Metro station

IMG-20110527-01042 IMG-20110528-01063 IMG-20110528-01059 IMG-20110528-01061

We headed out for dinner around 9pm and stayed local, found a nice Italian restaurant about 20 minutes away from the hotel and had some great food and drink,then an early night to bed ready for some sightseeing the next day.

View from hotel room     Our first view of the Eiffel Tower              Sunset over Paris walking to dinner

IMG-20110527-01043  P1030603 (Large)  IMG-20110527-01048  IMG-20110527-01046


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