Monday, June 06, 2011

Walking the streets of Paris (Day 3)

So after waking at 10am on a sofa bed not knowing how id got there or where i was Kami and i started to do the walk of shame through the streets of Paris on a Sunday morning to the nearest Metro station to get back to our hotel. Before we left Wendy commented on how much and how loud i snore! Jens and Lars told me this too in Chicago but i don't believe them all, I've never heard it:)

Uggghhh my head was still spinning i was having hot and cold sweats due to the alcohol and my stomach didn't feel good at al! Wendy wasn't feeling too goo either in the morning and we both wondered if it was maybe the salmon we had both eaten the night before! As Kami and i travelled on the metro train to our hotel about two stops before we got off i could feel myself getting worse and worse, the next stop came and went and by the time we got to the stop we wanted i rushed off the train as soon as the doors opened and threw my guts up in the platform trash can!! I felt SO much better!

We walked for 15 mins in the fresh air from the metro to the hotel and i just crashed out on my bed for half an hour. id been wanting some fresh French bread to soak up the alcohol in my stomach since we left the apartment but as it was Sunday morning nowhere was open! We both showered and put on fresh clothes and i felt so much better now, i was ready for some sightseeing. We had booked tickets to go up the Eiffel tower at 1pm today, it was already past noon and Wendy messaged to say she was feeling so ill that they wouldn't be making it today! We walked back to the metro station and took the train to the Eiffel tower. Kami and i made do with a a packet of cheese puffs! (probably not the best thing to eat after doing what id just done) on the way there and planned to have something to eat as we came down from the tower.

I've been up the tower before but Kami had only been half way up several years ago, however due to the lack off food and Kami not feeling too good she wasn't at her best on the trip up the tower so we didn't stay up there too long.

P1030808 (Large)  P1030819 (Large)   P1030833 (Large)

P1030838 (Large) P1030839 (Large) P1030840 (Large)

We had an ice cream to fill the gap when we came down and took a walk up to the Arc de Triumph to find somewhere to eat. I wasn't too hungry but we found a small cafe and Kami had a quiche and a sandwich before we carried on walking.

Always happy when there's food around:)      A big arch!                      Arc de Triumph from the Champs’

P1030862 (Large)  P1030881 (Large)  P1030885 (Large)

Jackie and Dave from the UK were getting the Eurostar to Paris today and would be arriving around 2pm, Wendy, Chris, Kami, Jackie and Dave and i were all going out for dinner tonight so i messaged Dave K to see if he wanted to join us, apart from feeling like a “gooseberry” (7th wheel") he thought it was a great idea and we made plans to meet later on. As Kami and i walked along a street near the Arc’ i realised i knew the area, we then walked past the hotel where the band stayed in 2002, The Raphael. I messaged Dave and asked if they were there again.He didn't reply. We headed down the Champs Alysee and Kami suggested stopping for a while a people watching,all the benches were full that we walked past so we took a seat at the first empty bench we got to and sat and watched the Parisians and tourists go by for 15 minutes.

Display outside new Converse store    made up from Converse shoes!          Rollerbladers in Paris

P1030886 (Large) P1030887 (Large) P1030888 (Large)  

I then got a message back from Dave saying they were staying at the Fouquet's hotel on the Champs Alysee. I looked up from my phone to tell Kami and what did i see ? We were sat right in front of said hotel!! it was such a coincidence and we both  talked about what were the chances of that happening!! Dave was in the bath watching tennis so we carried on walking down the Champs till we came to a small park, we got a couple of bottles of water and laid on the grass in the sunshine for an hour before taking the metro again over to meet Jackie, Dave, Wendy and Chris outside Notre Damn to find somewhere to have dinner.

We met up around 7pm, was great to see Jackie and Dave again and we all headed out to find somewhere to eat. A short walk later and we were in the St German area of Paris, a beautiful area with lots of bars and restaurants. We ended up in a street side cafe bar inside at a table for 8. Dave K joined us and we had a great night drinking eating and chatting about bodily functions, what's the worst thing on our iPods and other random things you talk about when a great group of friends get together:)

P1030913 (Large) P1030908 (Large) P1030910 (Large) P1030911 (Large)

We all took the metro back, Dave headed back to his hotel, Wendy and Chris back to their apartment and as Jackie and Dave were staying at the same hotel as Kami and i  the four of us took the metro back together. As we got to the mentor station the place was closing up for the night, we had been in the restaurant nearly 5 hours and it was now nearly 1am. The four of us took the escalator up to the exit and as we were about 2/3 the way up the metal shutter in front of us started to close! it was like something out of a James Bond film, i was so tempted to make a run for it and duck under the shutter however it would have been too late and I'd have got stuck underneath knowing me!

The escalator just stopped dead at the same time too so we turned around and walked back down to the platform and took a lift up to the same exit, it was bizarre, surely they could see us half way up on the security cameras!? We got back to the hotel around 2am and crashed out not before arranging to meet in the morning at 10am to do the tourist hop on, hop off bus tour of Paris


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