Saturday, July 09, 2011

Athens last night, few quick notes….

Will do a review soon but a few quick notes i put on facebook last night and earlier on:
Athens show tonight, unreal, best show of the tour by far! crowd were amazing, facemasks given to everyone on the floor to wear during Empty Spaces, every single person clapping during run like hell, unbelievable and not a single camera flash all night from the audience!!

I just watched the Run Like Hell YouTube clip and gave me goosebumps, wish the guy had turned around though, really was unreal to see the whole place clapping. There was a great video shown at the beginning of the show of Roger trying to talk Greek telling everyone when to wear their masks, was funny as he said they would cut bits out of him swearing etc but they didn't! i have to say that having no cameras in the venue worked ever so well, we were all on the rail on the floor right in front of Dave and it was great for us without the cameras so i can only imagine how good it must have been for everyone in front of us who didn't have hands in the air in front of them holding cameras and phone etc!
Run Like Hell in Athens

Crowd did the Ole, Ole, Ole thing at the end of Outside The Wall and stopped Roger speaking for at least a couple of minutes The show itself was identical, no changes, they played the new ending to Another Brick, the audience were lit up ...a lot more than at normal shows obviously for the filming, lights running along the front of the top level shining onto into the whole venue and changed colour frequently and for each track and gave it a great different type of atmosphere, changing to while at the end of every track to enable the crowd to be seen on the filming. 
I counted eight cameras, one on a large boom from the mixing desk, one on a large boom behind the wall to the left of the stage that kept coming out and over the wall (knocking a couple of bricks off the wall at one point) one on a dolly stage front, one onstage on a riser behind Graham, one on dolly's either side of the stage,one hand held in the audience, one fixed on the right side of the stage.(There will be 3 more "closed set" shows for filming the close up, stage and cut away shots!)
Pre show meet up at the Hard Rock,
IMG_1361 ss

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  1. this was a great show... wish I could meet you... but...
    today (my second and last one for me!) will watch from upper level...
    and I will try for a better recording this time...