Saturday, July 09, 2011

A plee....

Im sure there are a lot of blog readers that know of and have even met Kevin who has been doing the whole tour.

Its his 60th birthday on Tuesday and would be his 60th show here in Athens and the last show of he tour.

Unfortunately he's stuck in Germany with little money and can't get to Athens.

He's helped a LOT of people out over the last 12 weeks and Im doing all I can to help hime out and get him a flight to Athens from Germany and wanted to ask that anyone that can make a donation on the paypal button at the top right of this page it would be hugely appreciated. Every dollar and cent and pound shilling and pence would he'll.

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  1. You've got it Si. I'm in transit right now but will donate when I get home. If anyone deserves it, it's Kevin. How much do we need?


  2. Figured it out on my iPad, donation complete. :0)


  3. Simon, get the old man there :) Just transfered some dollars to help you, and him, out.


  4. Keep us posted Si, with how much more you need... he's just GOT to be there. x

  5. Si... check your email and get back to me regarding Kevin. Hope all is well with you, say hi to Kami!