Thursday, March 15, 2012

5th show in Buenos Aires

Great show tonight, with only a couple of little glitches. The teacher's hair had problems with inflation, for example, and Roger flubbed over his Spanish bits, even with a prompter. The performance was amazing, though. The atmosphere was electric, though still a bit more subdued than other shows, as again the crowd stood very little.

Elzira, Georg, Victor and Julio at intermission. Was great to meet you, Victor and Julio!
P1040179 (Large)
Here are a few videos of tonight's show. The crowd did the Ole, Ole, Ole chanting at the end, and the band joined in. Another great show here in Buenos Aires, and I just don't want it to end!
Graham on Young Lust. He’s such an aggressive drummer!
Ole, Ole, Ole at the end of the show:

Dave K. in the dressing room before the show! (Well, some show in 1993!)

Love the legwarmers, Dave:)
Elzira and Georg went to the back of the venue tonight during the trial to see the pig come down. They also ran in and started tearing it to shreds with hundreds of others! They said it was mad! It was a free-for-all, and there were arms and legs everywhere. Georg managed to get a few square feet of pig with some writing on the side, though, and said it was definitely worth it!

Full album of pictures from tonight's show below:


  1. Hi Simon,
    It was nice meeting you in the concert. We envy you a lot (in a good way of course).
    Please feel free to pay us a visit in Rosario (300km north from Buenos Aires) if you happen to stay in Argentina a little longer.
    Kind regards from the Garcia brothers, Julio and Victor.

  2. It was great meeting you yesterday. I envy you man!! Good luck with the rest of the shows, can't wait to see your next pics.
    Regards from the García brothers, Julio and Victor.

  3. Hi Simon! Julio is a friend of mine! I saw this blog because he told us about you in his facebook wall. Your blog is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy Argentina!

  4. Hey Simon! Julio is a friend of mine. He told us about you and your blog in his facebook wall... this blog is awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!! Bienvenido a Argentina, amigo! :D Brenda Fernandez Viña.

  5. hey-

    can you find out if kilminster bought those boots in the ladies section at harrod's? the blue leg warmers remind me of flashdance (what a feelin')and the finger setting iron maiden? only a few day left in BA. keep the wallet safe. your blog is so popular your now a target. bridgman