Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 9

We didn't do much today--we woke late and headed out for a wander around Palermo and called into the bakery and picked some things up for lunch. We sat in the main square in Palermo, Plaza Serrano, and had lunch.
View while having lunch,                     Lunch                                             Empanadas!
P1040076 (Large) P1040073 (Large) P1040074 (Large)
The weather for the last few days had been great. The storms the previous night when the show was on and the rain really got rid of the humidity, and it's so much nicer sat out and walking around in the sun when the air feels so much fresher!
We had a wander around and walked lunch off before heading for the Gelato store a couple of blocks away from our apartment.
Below are the flavours--the ones we’ve had are marked. It's kind of pot luck, as we have no idea what most of the flavours are. Some we like, and some we don't. There have only been a couple we haven't been keen on, though.
Gelato flavours we’ve tried!                          Love these old Ford Falcons that are all around
P1040081 (Large) P1040082 (Large)  P1040079 (Large)
Couple of random pics:
P1040068 (Large) P1040069 (Large)
Around 5 P.M. we headed out to get our tickets, and then bussed over to the venue.


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