Friday, March 09, 2012

Buenos Aires day 2

Had a lie in today after the long flight yesterday. We didn't leave the apartment until just before noon, then we wandered up through Palermo toward the Botanical gardens and parks. We passed the most amazing cupcake store and saw the largest one I've ever seen. It must have been over 12” high! We didn't go in, but I'm guessing we will before we leave! We stopped in a small cafe for lunch--a thin, grilled ham and cheese sandwich called sandwiches miga--then carried on walking down the tree-lined streets towards one of the main streets in Buenos Aires--Ave. Santa Fe. Everywhere you look there are cool buildings of all different shapes, sizes, and colours. You have no idea what to expect each time you turn the corner.
HUGE cup cake!                                       Cool building
P1030143 (Large)  P1030142 (Large)
We spent a little time wandering around the parks near the zoo and the planetarium (which was closed for refurb) then headed over to the Japanese garden.
P1030152 (Large)  P1030153 (Large)  P1030165 (Large)   
Some of the streets here are really wide. It took us a few minutes to navigate our way across 13 lanes of traffic, all heading in one direction. The roundabouts are huge, too.
Huge roundabouts                           13 lanes of traffic                             Long crosswalks
P1030149 (Large)  P1030147 (Large)  P1030200 (Large)
We headed over to the Japanese garden and spent an hour looking around in there. Since she lived in Japan for 12 months and speaks Japanese, Kami was happy to see familiar sights
P1030186 (Large) P1030191 (Large) P1030177 (Large)
One of the public parks had a huge park bench. There was a group of tourists taking pictures, and when they left, I took a quick couple of pictures of Kami. A guy came up to me and asked if I wanted him to take a picture of the two of us. I didn't bother and said it was fine. After Kami got off the bench, he walked over to the bench, put his jacket down, laid on it, and proceeded to go to sleep! I guess the silly tourists were keeping him from his bed!
P1030155 (Large) P1030156 (Large)
By this time, it was nearly 4 P.M., and we started to head back to the apartment still taking in all the architecture and cool sights along the way. I checked our walking route afterwards on Google maps, and we walked just over 8 miles. Our feet were feeling it by the time we got back to the apartment.
P1030209 (Large) P1030203 (Large) P1030205 (Large) P1030211 (Large)
Pictures from day 2 below

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  1. Great photos ! We live here, I go to the Japanese Gardens often and find that I must take photos of the Koi every time :)
    Your blog is great .. very enjoyable and someone takes pretty fine photos .
    chau, C