Friday, March 09, 2012

Buenos Aires day 3

We woke around 9 A.M. and headed out the door about 10:30. We took the local bus about 2 miles to the hop-on/hop-off bus tour stop and waited for the next sightseeing bus to come along. Across the street from the stop was the Polo ground, and the jockeys were out on the horses practising.
P1030320 (Large)  P1030318 (Large) 
We only waited 10 minutes before the open-top bus arrived. We bought a 48-hour ticket and headed up the stairs to the open deck. The weather in the morning wasn't good at all. It rained for 15 minutes and looked like it was gonna rain most of the day. However, by the time we got on the sightseeing bus, it had cleared up, and the sun was breaking through with gusto!
The tour had a total of 20 stops all throughout Buenos Aires. We boarded at stop 13. Stop 14 was Chinatown, and I think we may get off there tomorrow or next week for a quick look around. The streets in Buenos Aires are ever so wide. It even boasts the widest street in the world with a total of 26 lanes of traffic!
Chinatown bus stop                  Pompeii cafe!                                          There's always someone building a wall!
P1030299 (Large)  P1030307 (Large)  P1030315 (Large)
After walking 8 miles yesterday, we decided to stay on the bus and just enjoy the sights and check out where we wanted to get on and off tomorrow or visit later. There's some fantastic architecture in the city, and a lot of it isn't visible until you're above street level. There are also some fantastic wall murals and interesting graffiti.
P1030367 (Large)  P1030398 (Large)  P1030401 (Large)
The bus took us all over the city, and we saw a lot of things we'd normally no chance of seeing if we had walked everywhere on foot. The city is so spread out--you could spend a month here and not see it all. We spotted a couple of places we’re going to go back to, and also past the beautiful old warehouse building that's now the hotel where Roger is staying.
P1030426 (Large) P1030425 (Large)
There's even a huge marina and casino out towards the docks.
P1030423 (Large) P1030428 (Large) 
On our way to the Arena last night, we spotted a huge screaming face painted on the side of a wall. This just so happened to be right by our last (and first) stop on the sightseeing bus tour.
P1030448 (Large)  P1030452 (Large)  P1030454 (Large)  
We also spotted a couple of Roger posters on our travels:
rog  P1030458 (Large) P1030381
We stopped off for a small lunch around 4 P.M. then took a taxi back to our apartment to rest for a couple of hours. In the evening we headed out to a great little Mexican place in the Palermo-Soho neighbourhood that was running an International Women's Day special. We had tacos, chips, guacamole, and leisurely sipped on drinks before heading back. Of course, before we reached the apartment, we made sure to stop off and savour the two daily recommended and required scoops of Gelato! :)
Random cool cars we saw today
P1030369 (Large)  P1030447 (Large)  car  P1030459 (Large)

Full album of today's pictures below:


  1. Simon see you later at Bar 6 ... if we don't bump into ourselves before ... have you noticed there are two ice cream parlors in the neighborhood?

  2. Oh there's a lot more than two Mario!! lol

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these pics and giving the story of the city. I haven't been there since 2002-2003. Oh, she is a beautiful city, isn't she?