Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 12

We had a bit of a lazy morning and headed out of the apartment around 2 P.M. Robbie Wyckoff’s wife, Victoria, had flown in from LA yesterday, and Kami and I became good friends with her last year. We’d arranged to meet up with her at 3 P.M. for drinks before heading out to tonight's show. Robbie had a radio interview at 3, and Dave K. had one, too, but would join us after. Pat, Marky, and Kip also had interviews, but said they would catch up with us at some point.

Kami and I headed over to the Four Seasons hotel around 2:30 and met up with Victoria and had afternoon tea and lunch. It was great to see her again, and we were all looking forward to seeing the show. We chatted for a couple of hours before she headed upstairs to get ready.

Lunch and tea                                   Kami writing postcards                      Empanadas were amazing!

P1040548 (Large) P1040544 (Large) P1040547 (Large)

Robbie and the guys came over to have a quick chat with us. Marky asked me if I was going to the show tonight, and Jon replied, “Is the Pope Catholic?” The guys headed up to get changed and ready, and Dave came over to join us for half and hour. The band were leaving at 5 P.M. I had a bag with me, and I needed to go back to the apartment to get changed and pick up some things, but I left Kami to go to the stadium in the van with the band and said I'd meet her at the venue. I laughed as I said goodbye and waved at her--Dave, Jon Carin, Victoria, Snowy, and the others got in the van, and I realised I was letting my girlfriend get in a van with blacked out windows with a guy who had the bag in the picture below! Would I ever see Kami again ? Would she run away with the band? Who knows!

Dave's bag, (Dave's nickname is Killer!)

P1040549 (Large)

Below are a few pictures from the sound check and as you can see, there was a film crew tonight filming some of the sound check and testing the angles for the coming nights show where a full film crew would be in the stadium!

An empty stadium                             Seats waiting to be filled!                   Roger

P1070692 (Large) P1070697 (Large) P1070710 (Large)

Sound Check                                    Film crew                                         Empty Spaces!

P1070703 (Large) P1070700 (Large) P1070702 (Large)

10 minutes before show time!             Are all these your guitars ?                Roger stage chair!

P1070732 (Large) P1070737 (Large) P1070748 (Large)

I met up with Christian and Angelica at the show whom we had seen at the show before. I chatted with them for an hour or so--ever such nice people, and I'm so glad we got to meet you both. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Monday! Kami came out just before show time, and we took our seats, which were 19th row dead centre. We sat and sang the 6 pre-show songs as we do before all the shows.