Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 13……

I had a message from Alex a couple of days ago asking if we wanted to meet up for lunch or dinner sometime over the next couple of days. Kami and I were going back to the San Telmo street market today (Sunday), so I suggested we meet up in the afternoon for lunch. We also invited Marcelo and his girlfriend (well, fiancé now, as he proposed to her at intermission at the show on Saturday!)

Congratulation to you both.

P1070844 (Large)

We took the 93 bus to San Telmo around 10:30 and started shopping. We picked up a few things on the street before, sure enough, we bumped into Marky Lennon, had a quick chat, then moved along. I still cant believe that even in a city this big we bump into band members, crew,  and people we know all the time! We took some time wandering around one of the huge indoor markets in San Telmo, too. This had everything from fruit and veg vendors and butchers’ shops to antiques and collectors stores. We also bumped into Pat Lennon and then Robbie and Victoria. We also ran into Rogers daughter India and Harrys wife Rochelle a couple of times as we were wandering around the market stalls.

P1070835 (Large) P1070832 (Large) P1070833 (Large)

At 1 P.M. we made our way to La Brigada. This was the restaurant where Kami and I ate half a cow a few days ago! We met up with Marcelo and his fiancé, and 2 minutes later, Alex arrived. We found a small, outdoor cafe and sat for an hour chatting before noticing it was a “gay” restaurant and had a good laugh about how oblivious we were. The lemonade was awesome! We took the bus over to La Boca again for lunch.

P1070838 (Large) P1070845 (Large) P1070842 (Large)

We found an outdoor restaurant and had lunch/dinner outside under the shade of the canvas umbrellas, chatted, and people watched while a couple from the restaurant performed a tango show.

Tango dance entertainment at the restaurant


After wandering around La Boca for 20 minutes, it was already after 5 P.M., and we headed to get the bus. Kami and I had to pick up our tickets and go back to the apartment before heading out to the show. Marcelo took the bus directly to the stadium, and Alex was feeling the effect of the wine, the lunch, and the sun, so he headed back home for a nap.

It was fantastic to see you guys (and gal) again, and Kami and I really enjoyed your company. We can’t thank you enough for your hospitality and showing us around your amazing city. We’re both looking forward to hanging out again at Harry’s show.


  1. Heyyyy!!!! so you're engaged now???


    Angelica from Chile :)

  2. Hey!!! So are you engaged now??


    Angelica from Chile :)

  3. ANGELICA!!!!!!

    Drop me an e mail, lets keep in touch:)

  4. I think I'd get your mail ;)
    love for you both! :)