Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 6 Buenos Aires

We took our time heading out today, leaving the apartment at 11 A.M. The landlord here told us that the best day to go to the area of San Telmo was on Sunday. They have all the streets closed to traffic and set up a huge market where anything and everything you can think of can be found!
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We took the number 93 bus again and managed to get a seat for a change. Most of the buses here are not air conditioned, and it's one of the most humid cities I've ever been in. We sat on the seat and moved as little as possible so as not to break out in a sweat! This was the furthest we had been on the bus, and it took a good 25 minutes to get there. The driver gestured to us to get off and turn right up one of the side streets.
We hit the street market almost instantly, and within 20 seconds of walking past 4 of 5 stalls, we saw my friend Shane who does the pyros for the tour coming towards us. We had a quick chat and carried on walking. 20 seconds later we hear, “Hey guys,” and look up in front of us to see Kipp. We chatted, and Kipp started to tell us how even they were a bit apprehensive about how the video feed on the sides of the wall would work, but the crew had really got the audio and video synch down now, and apart from the odd movement that Roger would alter mid-show, everyone was happy with it. We left him to shop and carried on wandering around the market stalls.
Stalls as far as the eye could see.
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We hadn't eaten breakfast this morning, so we stopped at a restaurant with tables outside and ordered a bottle of wine and some food. I still cant get used to this laid back attitude when you order food or drink here. Our bottle of wine took 20 minutes to arrive. It was then followed 5 minutes later by a basket of break. Our food arrived another 10-20 minutes later. We had both ordered steak. Unfortunately mine was a little too fatty, but Kami’s was perfect! While sat at the table we had a chat with Chris Khansy who walked by and saw us. It was kinda funny--he’s the show's production manager, and whilst he knows that the footage on the end of the walls is from Athens, he wasn't aware that the footage during Run Like Hell was shot in NY against a green screen! he wished me happy 100th show for today, and we said we would see each other later on. I'm sure we will!
The people sat next to Kami and I at the restaurant had been to Chile, Uruguay, and were now in BA on vacation. The guy was from BA but now lived in LA, and his friend was from Spain, but lived in Hong Kong. They had no idea Roger was playing here, and we proceeded to tell them about the shows. He was well aware of Pink Floyd and The Wall and they both agreed they were going to have to go to the next day's show! 10 minutes later after we finished our dinner, Kami and I were about to get up to leave, and another guy sitting behind us turned and said “Sorry to ask, but I have to know what this concert is that were you talking about!” he was an Australian guy, and after telling him where and when the shows were, he also agreed he should get tickets for the next night's show!
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We took another wander around the streets after lunch. There was one main street that was full of not only market stalls but also food stalls and street performers.
And it wasn't windy!                          People as far as the eye could see      Roger even makes the market stalls!
P1030665 (Large)  P1030668 (Large)  P1030669 (Large)
Tango display in the street:
As Kami and I were browsing one of the stalls, I heard the words “Hey guys, welcome home.” I looked up and Marky Lennon had spotted us. It had been over 7 months since we had all seen each other, and we felt the same--everything just feels right to be back on the road and seeing the shows. He was happy, as he’d picked up some nice vintage sunglasses for less than half price and had decided to stay at the market even though the rest of the guys had left earlier. We said we’d see him at Harry's show tonight and carried on browsing the stalls.
Creepy dolls head for sale                 Roger magazines and posters at the newsstand
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In a crowd of thousands of people we had already bumped into at least 4 four people we knew, and then we turned around and saw Georg and Martin from Austria! By that time it was getting near 4 P.M., so we headed back to the street where the 93 bus had dropped us off and waited no longer than 5 minutes for the bus to arrive. 30 minutes later we were back at the apartment, and it was time to shower and get ready for Harry's solo show later on tonight.


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